Life is good

when you experience  the best Lomi Lomi Massage in Toronto!


LOMI LOMI massage, a beautiful flowing chi experience, can help you self-heal; lighten your body & mind and manifest your higher purpose.  When you try it ; then you will know. 

This mind, body  & soul immersion alleviates physical and emotional pains, tensions & depression.  The better circulation and energy flow in the body wil make you feel radically healthy!

Our mission is to help you  self-heal naturally and make this process mainstream and thus contribute to a more whole society. We provide therapeutic grade massage solutions with postitive touch. We are professionals whose goal is to enhance the quality of your life by energizing the body -mind. No erotic services are offered here.

Invite me to a party or event and you will see how all the people will become happy.  contact me to bring positive touch stress-free experiences to enhance your quality of life & relationship.


We leverage ancient Chinese massage therapies, Acupressure & Reflexology

with our very own "Intelligent Body" energy massage.  Take advantage of ou DECEMBER special to try LOMI LOMI.  Give yourself a gift!


You are at the right place if you are you looking for an incredible massage that revitalizes your mind, body, and soul? Are you interested in discovering your body’s own self-healing abilities?

Well look no further!

At Good Energy Break, we offer restorative and life-enhancing Lomi Lomi massage alone or with acupressure and reflexology that helps your body & mind self-heal. Healing means you become rejuvenated and restored to wellness through high touch energy techniques that promote self-healing. The results and effects of our massages last much longer than the session time and often for weeks.  When the mind and body connects, the whole life path is affected.


Our clients self-heal from simple pains, to organ/systems  to emotional and spiritual issues because when the chi and circulation moves it  restores where needed.  You may be unaware that massage is an ancient healing tool used to prevent and relieve many physical and mental symptoms such as depression, chronic or acute pain, anxiety, and muscle tensions.

And also urinary fequency or retention, immobile or very painful arm, (back,foot,knee head and neck pains), fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, glandular or, prostate/bladder , post trauma accident, spiritual oppression, spurs, lymphatic and endocrine system problems, constipation , heart rate, sexual dysfunction and emotional (sadness & anger )


Through our bi-monthly + massage sessions, you will maintain happiness, vibrancy & clarity. In order to evolve in a positive joyful state, your mind and body must be relaxed and healthy, and our restorative massages help you do just that.


Here’s how.

For starters, we are all different and have different needs, and this carries over into how we experience restorative massage. We adapt to your needs, state, and condition using different modalities and solutions and more importantly we scan for the causes of the problems.


Massage is much more than just a form of entertainment;

it is one of the most powerful natural and oldest healing processes and when administered correctly with the heart still retains all the healing qualities. While some belief systems reflect negatively on massage, the power of touch is unmatched by most conventional medical treatments when healing is factored.

Our very own-made holistic, intuitive, high energy massage, INTELLIGENT BODY works, providing you with 100 times more value for your investment then a mere manual or entertainment massage. It does this through opening you up and uses powerful chi energy point and lines to self-heal your own body.


If you are unsure about our services

then we urge you to start with our highly effective Lomi Lomi massage, as it is" both healing and pleasurable" as reviewed by Suzen Fromstein

We put our heart and soul into what we do, and we use a combination of medicinal time tested system,  knowledge, intuition, and focus to promote intelligent body self-healing in our clients.  However this remains an EXPERIENCE ( that lasts though)  and a particpatory interaction of your body and mind.

If you are interested in our service please contact us. We will coach you on how the body heals, and if you are a coachable individual then we want to help you breakthrough your issues at any level.


We hope to hear from you soon.

There is nothing like massage to open your mind to new perceptions because you will never be the same and often one perception, one acction can lead to a new life!

Healing is about opening up not compressing. It is an experience of being whole, vibrant full of breakthroughs. You are PILL, take it and you will be amazingly surprised.

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One recent client's path has shifted after a 2 year search for a sense of well being after his divorce. He travelled to find himself and now he comes home when reunited with body.

"Not just a massage technique" to feel good for 1 hour, I felt my shoulder pain leave in 15-20 minutes." Ashly

Ashly's shoulder improved. She fell and had shoulder pain.

She explains the healing feeling and how it affected her well being. She felt immediate shifts that lingered in the future.


Jen, RMT, descibes her  healing experience post massages after her body felt pains in her arms, shoulder and body.

We leverage the body's life-altering healing powers to improve mind & life. The mind is often in the way of a healing breakthrough because it is a subtle process. She had problems with her arms and general ill feeling with sensations in her body after wear and tear from 10 hour days massaging on cruise ships.

Depression and anxiety is massaged out with a Lomi Lomi Massage.

Now sleeps better; hope is restored; returns to gym; is peaceful and social.

Matt learned that it is not what he wants but what he needs.

The chronic pain in upper torso and shoulder was gone while experiencing a burning feeling. Inner healing requires becoming more awareness, openess and more tuned in to your body.We need to stop controlling the process of healing and let ourselves be healed where is the cause not where you think.

 Technician 40. " I feel 20 years younger. " Many painful and emotional problems alleviated such as arm pain, shoulder pain, men's health and depression. It was beautiful to watch the changes and how this renewed freedom changed his relationship in his family.



 Shana was not walking normally and now is mobile.

With our massage and energy techniques, we found the weak link in her body which then melted away.  She was happy with her new freedom and started dancing.


INTERVIEW with liz Radio Sept 2014

Lomi Lomi:

Wave- like healing and expansive movement promoting freedom and relief of physical or emotional pain.


Blueprint of body is on the feet and head readily accessible for healing.


Acupuncture without the needles to relieve physical & mental issues.

Chair Energy Massage:

Quick & effective 20 minutes stress -tensions relief.

Men's Health therapies:

Unique process of results -body based treatments

external therapeutic only prostate health