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Experience a Restorative Lomi Lomi Massage

 &  Rejuvenating Men's Health Program 

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Do you want to feel great and pain-stress - free?

Be pleasantly surprised from the the restorative qualitiy derived from the greater body connection.  Lomi Lomi massage and a caring practitioner can make a big difference. 

In Toronto, 5 minutes from the highway 400-401 and weston train station.

WHAT IF YOU CAN BE PRODUCTIVE AND JOYFUL TOO?  Being more aware and calm and peaceful allows more space for greater possibilities to happen.

You are possibly a very busy professional who wants to experience life fully since most of your focus is truly working and managing your life.  However being embodied, not just being in you mind will get you further & more breakthroughs. When the body opens with the spontaneous long & ambracing Lomi Lomi movements enhancing chi and blood flow , the mind opens also.  With a freer and more energetic flow and you can also change older perspectives because the body teaches you joy and freedom with the breaking down of your habits and automatic nature.

Words cannot describe what happens to your body when it shifts energetically. This is body knowledge (not mind knowledge) which can cause a trance-like experience spontaneously.

You are born in the flesh and from the flesh, we feel the most aliveness through the body. It is healthy to receive and give a heartfelt touch. Massage should be a healing and nurturing act, but most of all an act of self-care.  You deserve it!  Many have felt a greater body connection and a greater happiness emerging.

Given the digital culture and the desensitization of sexuality (promiscuity, hook ups, casual sex and pornography) and starting a younger age; positive & healing touch got lost in our often busy and scattered lives.

It is our hope that you also can fully embody and self-heal your way back to a quiet and more opened space and to the most sacred acts of : self love (through your temple).  It is forecasted that depression will be a #1 illness in 5 years.  This mind body disconnect causes a lack of joy and alienation. You can re-connect with your true nature and be whole and joyful. Professional healing-based massage is a good physical solution to rewire and reboot and reconnect with all your parts ( body, mind, emotions & spirit)

If you seek more then a standard and superficial massage or treatment you are at the right place? Don't take our word for it. Try it. Be rejuvenated and restored when living in your body, temple. 




Lomi Lomi Massage

A Hawaiian based massage, fore arm large & long movements to holistically & experientially give you a rich encounter with your higher self. Experience & get in the FLOW.  Can be a very euphoric experience affecting the whole person with innocent and gentle dance movement from head to feet, creating a very luxurious embracing feeling.

This is not for the seeker of information but the seeker of a heightened life experience who will appreciate living in their body once cleared of tensions. You can Feel life more fully and joyfully with a unique high energy experience with LOMI LOMI Massage. It brings you to a new space and openess un tied from habitual thinking and useless chatter.


Blueprint of body is on the feet & head readily accessible for all conditions that would benefit from being grounded too.


Acupuncture without the needles to relieve physical & mental issues.

Men's Health therapies:

Unique and powerful with enduring results.

Therapeutic (non erotic & non intrusive) restorative body based therapy

to enhance naturally the  prostate health & men's sexual health.



You also can experience the energy in your body and life.These are some experiences of what can happen in your body, mind and life. 


Client's path has shifted after a 2 year search for a sense of well being due to his divorce. He travelled to find himself but to no avail however had an experience of coming home when reunited with body with our "Intelligent Body" Massage process.

"Not just a massage technique" to feel good for 1 hour, I felt my shoulder pain leave in 15-20 minutes." Ashly

Ashly's shoulder improved. She fell and had shoulder pain.

She explains the healing feeling and how it affected her well being. She felt immediate shifts that lingered in the future.


Jen, RMT, descibes her  healing experience post massages after her body felt pains in her arms, shoulder and body.

We leverage the body's life-altering healing powers to improve mind & life. The mind is often in the way of a healing breakthrough because it is a subtle process. She had problems with her arms and general ill feeling with sensations in her body after wear and tear from 10 hour days massaging on cruise ships.

Depression and anxiety is massaged out with a Lomi Lomi Massage.

Now sleeps better; hope is restored; returns to gym; is peaceful and social.

Matt learned that it is not what he wants but what he needs.

The chronic pain in upper torso and shoulder was gone while experiencing a burning feeling. Inner healing requires becoming more awareness, openess and more tuned in to your body.We need to stop controlling the process of healing and let ourselves be healed where is the cause not where you think.

 Technician 40. " I feel 20 years younger. "

Many painful and emotional problems disappeared such as arm pain, shoulder pain, men's health and depression. It was beautiful to watch the changes and how this renewed freedom changed his relationship with wife &  family.


 Shana was not walking normally and now is mobile.

With our massage and energy techniques, we found the weak link in her body which then melted away.  She was happy with her new freedom and started dancing.