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Do you want to feel freed up & radically healthy? We have experienced the body as a tool for evolution  and restoring health. It is contrary to many philosophies who focus on the already busy mind. Cultivating a clean slate will give you the freedom to think beyond your habitual ways. Get a breakthrough with a clear mind.


We offer unique, rejuvenating & transformative experience with a unique massage leveraging ancient and energetic massage to impact postively body, mind and spirit

  • clear mind
  • energize
  • transform
  • enliven
  • rejuvenate

Many are seeking to be more productive and happy.

One natural solution is our body work which enables you to self-heal. By developing an empty mind and a relaxed response, you can better cope with life in ways you never expected.

Scientific data indicates that the body can self-heal:

A more relaxed response will nurturing the nervous system. These facts are well elaborated by the book "Mind over medicine". Yes, healing is an inside job and the link at the end of this page may enlighten you about the body mind connection which enables the healing of onself. The pill can only surpress your symptoms but not help you for the long term. Many clients say "everything is under control" when they take prescription drugs. Is it really?


We are uniquely positioned in body and mind integration to activate breakthroughs while:


  • unblocking and unleashing energies;
  • activating healthy blood flow;
  • self-healing and restoring balance;
  • moveing energies with quality time and chi.


Therapeutic grade massage solutions offered are 

Lomi Lomi, Acupressure, Reflexology, Men's Health Program and Intelligent Body Massage founded by Joanna Recine


Invite me at your office or event to generate fresh new ideas.


VIDEOS of some clients who felt the energy shifting their lives.


One recent client's path has shifted after a 2 year search for a sense of well being after his divorce. He travelled to find himself but had an experience of coming home when reunited with body with our "Intelligent Body" Massage process.

"Not just a massage technique" to feel good for 1 hour, I felt my shoulder pain leave in 15-20 minutes." Ashly

Ashly's shoulder improved. She fell and had shoulder pain.

She explains the healing feeling and how it affected her well being. She felt immediate shifts that lingered in the future.


Jen, RMT, descibes her  healing experience post massages after her body felt pains in her arms, shoulder and body.

We leverage the body's life-altering healing powers to improve mind & life. The mind is often in the way of a healing breakthrough because it is a subtle process. She had problems with her arms and general ill feeling with sensations in her body after wear and tear from 10 hour days massaging on cruise ships.

Depression and anxiety is massaged out with a Lomi Lomi Massage.

Now sleeps better; hope is restored; returns to gym; is peaceful and social.

Matt learned that it is not what he wants but what he needs.

The chronic pain in upper torso and shoulder was gone while experiencing a burning feeling. Inner healing requires becoming more awareness, openess and more tuned in to your body.We need to stop controlling the process of healing and let ourselves be healed where is the cause not where you think.

 Technician 40. " I feel 20 years younger. "

Many painful and emotional problems disappeared such as arm pain, shoulder pain, men's health and depression. It was beautiful to watch the changes and how this renewed freedom changed his relationship with wife &  family.



 Shana was not walking normally and now is mobile.

With our massage and energy techniques, we found the weak link in her body which then melted away.  She was happy with her new freedom and started dancing.



with liz Radio Sept 2014

LINK TO HOW THE BODY HEALS in scientif explanation by medical doctor. 


Lomi Lomi:

Wave- like healing and expansive movement promoting freedom and relief of physical or emotional pain.


Blueprint of body is on the feet and head readily accessible for healing.


Acupuncture without the needles to relieve physical & mental issues.

Chair Energy Massage:

Quick & effective 20 minutes stress -tensions relief.

Men's Health therapies:

Unique process of results -body based restorative treatments

external therapeutic only prostate health