Life is good when you experience Energy Massage!




self- heals, restores & rejuvenates

Body & Mind

using Ancient & modern energy techniques


Could you ever imagine that LOMI LOMI can change your life?

Well I suggest that you imagine it but it does not replace the experience.

If you use psychotherapy to sort things out in your life , will you ever feel joy? 

If you seek elation, joy + you will feel joy with My massage. Why?Thoughts gripping on your existence will evaporate with massage and give you a new leash on life. Freedom.

Now that i have your attention,

when you are running around with intense cogitation holding and weighing you down. It may seem like we are only talking about massage but listen attentively, massage, well performed, will take away one layer off at a time and make you feel free, lighter, clearer,and more joyful and get  you to places in your mind where you would not have seen or chosen.

You cannot imagine how great it feels like after a truly good massage and what new thoughts and emotions it releases. That is why I cannot go further discussing how SIGNIFICANT IS A BEAUTIFUL LOMI LOMI MASSAGE and its benefits.  This is an experience not virtual, not talk therapy  nor parlour like services!

I suggest you call me at 416 654 4325 or write to book an appointment.

and we can save you some years ahead to achieve this higher consciousness.

When you are used to living with the overwhelm,

you do not know what it means to feel free in body, mind and emotions.

Perception shifts, empowering and manifesting joy. 

When your body melts; your mind follows. When your mind melts; your relaxed body wakes up and deepens the self-healing process.

The mind & body work together for good but  the mind can resist to letting go (of it's control).That is why the body can give you so much more back in terms of a beautiful experience. You will be experiencing another zone giving you the psychic energy to push forth to greatness.

The body's incredible power to regenerate will help you self- heal and alleviate pain, stress and conditions,listen to the video below.

THIS IS EXPERENTIAL and that means it is not about talking but receiving & experiencing.  Listen to a recent client whose path has shifted afte a 2 year search for a sense of well being..many do not know that you can actually feel good in a deeper way but go to food, drugs, sex or some other habit to numb or forget....this is happening at a subconcious level thus please do not take this personally.

"Not just a massage technique" to feel good for 1 hour, I felt my shoulder pain leave in 15-20 minutes." Ashly

"I felt such a sense of well being, surprising!  And I enjoyed it too. Additonal benefits were experienced in reduced frequency of urination after 3 sessions. I had prostate problems too and  happy to sleep better.  " Peter

Lomi Lomi:

Wave- like healing and expansive movement promoting freedom and relief of physical or emotional pain.


 Blueprint of body is on the feet and head accessible for healing.


Acupuncture without the needles to relieve physical & mental issues.

Chair Energy Massage:

Quick & effective 20 minutes stress -tensions relief.

Men's Health therapies:

Specialized results -body centric treatments focused on men including external therapeutic only prostate health


The  enhanced flow of life energy (chi) will change you up deeply body, mind and soul, when you allow it. The following is a summary of the process:


Our CEO Massage (Clear Energies Out)tm

revitalizes your CHI and circulation with the release of tensions in body and mind. 

Many use left (logical) hemisphere and are very logical but healing happens with the right hemisphere and uses intuition and energy's letting go and replenishing We cannot see with our physical eyes.


You will need to have to let go and directly experience  and feel the changes. This happens when you can relax, restore and reach that mind-body healing zone.

The mind is too busy and analytical and  gets in the way of the natural body's self-healing process.  The body has its onw operates on its' owns and without the help of the mind.

Allowing the body recovery time will give you maximum benefits incrementally.


Video: Ashly's shoulder improved. She fell and had shoulder pain.

She explains the healing feeling and how it affected her well being. She felt immediate shifts.



Video: Jen, rmt, descibes her  healing experience after her body felt pains in her arms, shoulder and body.

We leverage the body's life-altering healing powers to improve mind & life.  The mind is often in the way of a healing breakthrough because it is a subtle process. She had problems with her arms and general ill feeling with sensations in her body after wear and tear from 10 hour days massaging on cruise ships.


Video: Depression and anxiety is massaged out with a Lomi Lomi Massage.

Now sleeps better; hope is restored; returns to gym; is peaceful and social.

Video: Matt learned that it is not what he wants but what he needs.

The chronic pain in upper torso and shoulder was gone while experiencing a burning feeling. Inner healing requires becoming more awareness, openess and more tuned in to your body.We need to stop controlling the process of healing and let ourselves be healed where is the cause not where you think.



Video :Technician 40. " I feel 20 years younger. " Many painful and emotional problems alleviated such as arm pain, shoulder pain, men's health and depression. It was beautiful to watch the changes and how this renewed freedom changed his relationship in his family.




Video: Shana was not walking normally and now is mobile.

With our massage and energy techniques, we found the weak link in her body which then melted away.  She was happy with her new freedom and started dancing.





Taking quality time for yourself

will give you back

more than you can imagine

I suggest you open up to the exquisite feeling of being restored and well. 



where relaxing, restorative and body work

springs you into positive action!  


We offer only relaxing & self-healing therapies and not erotic.