Restorative massage for pain & stress relief.

Acupressure, a medical system, powered by history of results and 10 energy fingers that simply press

We tap into the body’s energy points along meridian lines without needles.

This Chinese traditional therapy is a time-tested 2000 years old and was invented before acupuncture.


  • stimulates and balances the energy points alleviating symptoms and conditions
  • moves chi and blood intelligently & in an common sense medical system
  • activates the body's natural self-curative abilities
  • releases muscular tension, pain out of body

  • treats the causes, the stagnation aid healing

There is nothing that comes close to efficacy of acupressure to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain, it is pure magic. This is accomplished by an experienced practitioner, an opened- minded recipient in a relaxed manner.

So many time people try to understand it intellectually and then miss the whole point of surrendering to healing energy at its ways.


People with the acquired taste will go beyond the short lived "feel good" of relaxation massage. Many seek pleasure of the skin will not appreciate this beyond the skin feeling.  By being present and using breath (not be in your head) chi/blood  will move to self-heal.  Will you join me?

Every acu-point has a solution impacting physical, emotional or spiritual areas. You may feel pain if there is an imbalance but we ensure that the pain releases to help irrigation of the area to rebalance. You will feel a bubbling inside that will show that the body is responding to chi.

Some of the healthy benefits:
  • relieves sinusitis, arthritis, indigestion & menstrual cramps
  • restores emotional balance by helping release repressed feelings
  • increases mental and spiritual awareness
  • restores your physical vigour, looser muscles, joints & larger range of motions
  • restores systems that need help such as digestive, circulatory, immune, endocrine, nervous, muscular & skeletal.
  • rejuvenates via acu points are also on the face and specific areas of the body to tone the skin to prevent wrinkles.