The waist circumference's connection to testosterone levels

The waist is not only a sign of beauty but how a women can evaluate the level of testosterone and its measurement of true health.  Additional inches on a man's waistline shows that the testosterone has converted to estrogen resulting in lower sperm count.




Miracles are ancient

Why not allow them to manifest now.  Why not?

Since people are too smart and linear to allow miracles. 

many find it better to accept that they can heal slowly

so massage allows the healing powers to be revived...slowly and surely!


EXPECT great things even in massage

And you will get something special in return when you practise self-care


YOU get what you believe even in massage

IF you think that you cannot receive healing, then you may not receive restoration.

be careful what you think.


IMAGINE A WORLD with massage used for healing. Maybe not so crazy afterall.

I had the privilege of meeting a Kurd man recently. A little collasol man whose origins were from the bed of civilizations around Tigress river .

and his ancestor did not have doctors in those remote cities but  they used massage to heal everything including colds...he received this legacy gift of healing from his parents

They use massage in their daily lives to remain healthy particularly in remote areas.

For the first time he used drugs when he immigrated to Canada. 

When asked how old this tradition is? He said that it must be has old as 8000 years old since the building is that old and still stands there strongly since the beginning of time.


I m a g i ne  a world with massage and not doctors is a great vision.