A state of expectancy that something good will happen 



Cultivating a state of hope and manifestation through expectancy takes a bit of practise.








are allowed to expect something that will be good for you. Practise this thought and you will see life smile back.  The same applies to receiving healing massage, you will be amazed that the changes of light heart can do your existence, my friend. If only you make an honest mental effort to receive.


Massage your mind and body and take another direction in life


Major setback for personal evolution is our rigid or unconscious belief systems

I am amazed by the many stops in moving forward  are due to our own outdated ways and thinking and or rigid ways of coping with life based on one or few of our trainings.

Many years ago a manager came to massage therapy to solve a problem that he had for years but yet he insisted that it had to be resolved in one session.  Since it is in my nature to try at least to understand no matter how foreign the ideas are.. I found out that he used to read a file once and never file he thought that in life, everything is done once and never again??? This is not a joke this how he looked a life " I do it once then i discard it." 


There are many other angles to life then just looking at it one way.  Being specialized in one way does not make us experts in tacking other areas of life.

We are so trained and specialized that we learned to see life through those lenses only.  We limit  ourselves to one coping mechanishm and are too tired to learn other ways.  

The bible says that we will perish due to our lack of knowledge, and this wisdom is truly making sense on a daily basis that perhaps we are sometimes too specialized and cannot see that other tools and wisdoms are needed to change and evolve.


In your bedroom, keep it a safe haven

1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, thus your room is important. 


It is important that it be quiet, minimalist, safe with no:


TV or computer that generate electromagnetic fields


plants that give off carbon dioxide


For a better rest and longer life.


Do you want to chill?

A loyal client I have known for a while had some trouble to relax and now that a dark period of the soul emerged, it was exacerbated.  

I have tried to help him because i believe that relaxation cures and makes you whole by helping the mind and body communicate and be happy together.

When you a very intense demeanor , it can make my work challenging, but I have tried something different this time and I heard  him say:




This was a surprising and great since it brings me to a deeper level of how different people respond to touch when they are trying to let go their tensions especially when it is during a dark stage.

During a tough period, it is even more important to bring forth a free space where a flowing gentle energy can be created and to open to hope.