What is the internet doing to us? 

I  have noticed that we are increasingly attention -deficient

and I have to adapt to the changes around me.  Many behaviours are altered and probably due to the head being in space or overload or lack of groundedness.  I am not making this up, but the lack of memory and tuning in is suprising me. I believe we need to get grounded and get more reflexology treatments so that we are happier and more aware rather then in our heads.

These can be the symptoms:

Often people cannot find an address. 

And if they do find the address, many  will call or text me before they even attempt to open a door when they do find it.

They have a number, a street but yet they cannot get that real in their heads. One person who knew the area was more comfortable but he was so quick on the bell that he did not even allow it to ring enough for me to hear it.  Isn't this wasteful?

Or they cannot write a note in their agenda because they are doing something else or they expect me to do all the work.

Or they do not have a pen or paper to write a note.

Or they do not read the info but look at a headline or paragraph.

Or even after taking my precious time to explain a direction or even texting them, they do not want to read it but would rather call and ask again for instructions.

Or even they cannot read a text but will ask me again for the same details.

Or they will not write my address but i have to be their secretary and send it to them.

Or if I take my time to give directions to and address, many need to be repeated the instructions once they are here.  Many times they get confused about parking in the back and the actual address of the place.

Or people forget why they came to see me even when they paid and they were extremely interested to get results.


I experience people forgetting in very little time what was discussed and very little information sticks and stays.  So I never know if I am communicating effectively.

I find myself repeating over and over and since this is a new experience in the body then i have to explain the healing process many times so that people can build their confidence in their own capacity to self-heal. 

This is a new habit too although it is a massage.

Since people are making busy, they can forget easily that the healing started and moved in them since their mind is totally somewhere else ...this in fact is a deterrent since the healing process is happening when the body is integrated in the healing...

this is not an easy job but yet changes happen for whom truly wants.




Many are living in the darkness but 

Some think that is the way of life. Some have no energy to ask for help.

The rest are fighting it with denial, numbing,arrogance and feel good evasions.


What if u r going through a tunnel of life existences that teaches u life.

You will be trained.


You might as well eat right and go back to what is closest to the earth and away from the man made chemicals

I will be writing about foods more since i am more in love with my life. 

I love my breads and trying to loose weight at the same time does not collaborate. Thus for some reason after reading up about wheat, I feel out of love.   However I am picky with breads and do not feel I am eating something of quality 90% of the time. 

And Wheat is not that great for you, it turns into sugar.

I have discovered sorghum an ancient grain with more value and anti oxidants ++


if you care for your life, then you care for your temple, your body.  Release the tension through massage.


sometimes the body is just smarter then the mind- holy spirit

I aim for the Mind of God.  I try to not listen to my limited human  mind

which was often abused at every corner who is trying to see clearly through it all.

But the mind of God is also in your temple, the body. And the chi that everybody talks about in the Christian tradition, is called Holy spirit; it does not belong to the Chinese but to all.


I thought that was a food for thought.


So many belief systems just do not work anymore.

I see old beliefs operating in the background on a daily basis and it is very limiting to see that another person would take one old idea from 10 or even 20 plus years and use it to cope within a totally new situation.

When it comes to belief systems, some have solidified from" silent" family ways of life and some were taken on since it was the covert way of making decisions (based on that fundamental thought).  Maybe it was successful way to deal with life then and they felt they succeeded because of that skill unconsciously; they can hold on for dear life to that method of coping....


...but as years move forward we can presume that often You cannot use an old skill  to resolve something in a new area of life that you may know nothing about.

But the best are the the old beliefs that I see in myself  manifesting when a new experience pops up. Something that i have never seen or experienced before manifests and i try not to judge based on intense past data gathering. This experience of the old belief system

has brought to me a new surprise element that pushes me to know the body language at a deeper level.

That is when i start loosening my grip on that old habit that will try to solve the problem and i just  look at the situation from another (bigger) lens.  AND WAIT for a better solution.

If I based myself on old beliefs I would have not been able to help people self-heal in the first place.  When all the doctors were saying, there is no way to help people get better in this except through this pill...

It takes extraordinary courage and modesty to push forth and go deeply in life and know that there is a gem waiting for you there and you allowed it by being present.


And if I would have relied on the past I would have given up on many people with many many issues but in this particular difficult client ; I decided to not see his reactions but just his need for change. 

I let him go through his mind body integration himself until he felt peace in his temple, body, and so he did! When you are in your head and when you are overburdened, your body is no longer a place to rest and feel restored...but when you find techniques like i did to reconnect with with body, your body will give you joy and insights that you would never have thought possible!

And there is one more person walking on this Earth with more hope then frustration.  One more person who can be a blessing to another person because he got out of his stressful mind and is whole ( body mind soul).

You do not need to cope with a situation in the same way you did last 10 years. But you do not know that since you have done it that way and you survived life by honing those very same skills that do not work today.

Awareness is a gift

If i would stick to what i know (whether highly trained or not), I would never be able to help me people move from lack of love to love from chains to freedom and from darkness to light.

Since people come to me crippled with very dated operating systems in their head about how to cope with life when even though  life has changed since the first downloaded .

 It is simply incredible how we can be living a divine free ing life right now by just questioning your modus operandi rather then just copy and paste.