#2 Spiritual Healing

Is different from Western medicine. You need to have an open heart and use your own will to ask for help.

Soften up that heart and you will melt down those mountains, honey.


#1 Spiritual Healing

You can only read this, if your mind is ready to receive and your are probably irked by a situation enough to seek answers... bad and good energies cause things to happen in your life.

I am a willing student of the spiritual healing path, to improve my life and impact others positively....and because no one seems to know much about this...I have been seeking answers to certain negative impressions  for decades however I am progressing very rapidly in the world of heavenly things you know about but can't touch or see necessarily.  My interest was to find and use intelligently empowerment tools, that will help us on our path to happiness. The negativities I experienced  were not justified, at least not in this life time. Since I have not killed, stolen and been cruel enough in this lifetime to cause such a "karmic whiplash". And when I compare myself to others, I feel like an angel.

...I sought  help for my burning questions about the truth...among books, priests, and tarot card readers among others . Unfortunately, these spiritual matters were not the specialty of  the priests, and I found them cold,untrained or unwilling  for such spiritual work.  To my disappointment  the "gypsies" were trained in taking what is not theirs.  To make things worse, the last alleged shaman that I met, stole $30.00 and never returned the money... 


I have been around the block, if you don't agree, that is fine with me.  I have my path and you have yours. However if you have a problem that steals your joys, you will appreciate what I am trying to wake up in the psyche. "The invisible world is as real as the physical one." We need to be aware of the energies circulating and take care of them.

The last experience during my search for answers, vexxed me to the point that I decided to find my own answers.  I wanted to get rid of negativity that I felt would impede my path to a loving, joyful and prosperous life....The tarot card reader read my hand in 2 minutes and said that I CANNOT AFFORD HIS SERVICES..He said that it costs me $60 000 to get rid of negativity in my I said...."Don't you think it is a little pricey?" He said very sternly. " TIME IS MONEY".  I said "thank you very much and paid him for the whole session, even though he spent 5 minutes with me".  Does he really have the answers? I am not convinced.  Who does?

I started seeking a cheaper and viable solution in my quest for freedom from these thoughts...Shortly after 

I met a lady managing a religious store on my path to Home depot..funny isn't it?

We talked and talked about  the spiritual world and clearing negativity.  One client  she was trying to help was recounting her story that she was not able to keep any of her religious artifacts in her house because  a ghost  was stealing all her crosses and incense. I thought that I was in another time space when I heard that. The owner also had been affected by some intruder too.

The owner of the shop opened a few doors to my spiritual quest by lighting up this delightful incense with natural herbs. The beautiful claypot was imported from Portugal was swinging in a circular fashion while the whole room became fumed up beautifully with the smoke...As soon the ritual was over, I got 2 phone calls...Funny eh? I am Canadian after all.

I now use natural incense made with special herbs that have different powers to clear and attract certain vibrations...They should attract angelic forces and deter the unwanted energies.

If you have  any of the following symptoms, you may consider that you need to tidy up your space or aura.

  • Do you have nightmares frequently?
  • your headspace has stuff that doesn't belong to you
  • you can be thinking of a person and you wonder why
  • wake up tired even though you slept many hours
  • persistent headaches
  • alot of bad luck and things not feeling right
  • stuff going on when you sleep that you cannot explain logically
  • meeting very cruel people with very dark eyewear in the bus  ( it has happened at least twice to me)

You may have negativity lurking in your space and is  time to increase your awareness and your instinct to survive.

We don't know what the cause is...evil eye, oppressions, spirits gets complex spiritually.  It will depend on your belief system too, depending on your beliefs, different solutions will be effective for you..

AFTER my clearing, THINGS OPENED UP FOR ME IN AN UNEXPECTED MANNER....When you have the mental space and energy, you will see the "truth",  and you will have energy do things or create .....that you wouldn't do otherwise...I started finding the energies to do creative work.  It is truly worth it to do these rituals intentionally with specific incense and oils and that will protect you from negativity and strenghten your aura to attract good things.

Please write to me and we can guide you to the right incense and cleansing material. You will smell the sweet scent that will uplift you and the heavens.



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