Written and video testimonial

ex-sexually dysfunctional  male over 50 yrs old.


"Tired with the way things were going, I was seeking to feel better physically, emotionally & sexually. I believe that I was going into depression or was in depression too as a result of me not feeling on top of things.

It impacted my personal+ life for months and was very disturbing to me.... but I was very busy in the boardroom improving my bottom line. I decided to try massage to invigorate my sexual life and libido since for 1 year I engaged only a few times and I knew there was more to life. I am happy to have tried massage therapy with Joanna and changes in my sexuality and morale came very rapidly.  I saw change occur weekly from the first week on.

After feeling the powerfully healing impact of massage, I am now happy with himself, wife and family.  Never felt any freer and refreshed since a long time. No longer fretting or trying to control life.  There are things that i do not know about so not interested in outcomes to be my way..and am opened to love and to a renewed sexuality.  I am have sex several times a week; I am 59.

Like my kids said. We got our father back!


Keywords: sexual dysfunction, depression, mind body, body mind, relationship, love.