"Spa "your mind & body in 20 minutes

with chair massage!

When you combine, the ease of chair massage with the more therapeutic energy techniques of table massage, you can receive more restorative benefits.

Contrary to what others perceive as entertainment, this deep energetic work produces more sustainable results affecting your productivity & clarity.   A skilled body therapist has a breadth of knowledge and experience to promote self-healing work will making your week more productive & easy.

We offer Chair Energy Massage. Please ask for details at 416 654 HEAl (4325)

Licensed and insured massage practitioners will come to your business, home and event

within a 1 hour radius starting at 50.00 hour

when you book a minimum of 2 hours.


We use a combination of acupressure, reflexology, thai stretch and Lomi Lomi and with your desired pressure. Integrating, the hands, elbows, fore arms, knees and feet for a deeper and more energetic body work.

Immerse yourself in a total somatic experience rather then a standard experience with a temporary "feel good".

Because Energy or chi will transcend techniques.  Energy is cultivated during many years and compassion comes with the territory.


 This is how people loook after chair massage. No resemblance to before.

The above employees were not smiling before the chair massage at the Hospital. Actually you cannot recognize them before and after.  These are the comments I was told. " Others don't know what they are missing." "You are the best of all the other chair massage therapsits!" " I want more massage."


"I have gone to chiros to for 2 min treatments on my spinal chord and have found it to be helpful. It was just a snapping.

But after learning about restorative massage I realized that I can get a sustained level of change in my body.  I felt with Joanna's massage the whole left side of my body relieved and lasted for days..I am more opened now to different techniques that restore and change me deeply. After 2 months, the shoulder pain is still gone. Thank you!" Matt


" I never felt this feeling with other massage practitioners in Guelph. I feel your hands and massage and feel a deeper peace and connection." Slovia