We would love to see more more love, joy and health however it's not for everyone . We can go as far as you wish to receive as much change  and transformative energy you need to progress beyond our old limiting beliefs.

BUT THIS IS YOUR CHOICE. Also it depends on how you are receiving and desire to change.

We are not responsible for the changes (when , how & it's intensity)  that occur in your self-healing. However we do guarantee that there will be a change in its due course and when the body decides.

It's energy and self-healing based.  If you don't want to transform  your life, please simply tell us that you want a massage to feel good for a while.  

However our expertise is to open body and mind to receive  and create awareness and more choices then then in the past. 


  • If you need a medical diagnosis please consult your doctor
  • This energetic process is about your body's self-healing however your openess to receive is up to you.