Enhance your Sexual Health inside out, enhance your life!


Massage Therapy 

 Sexual & Prostate Health

Restoration, rejuvenation and results

in less then 2 months

I am a licensed and insured massage practitioner.


First this is for serious and mature minded males who are looking for authentic body therapies that are therapeutic & professional and have a storage life to them.



What makes us enjoy living?

It is the Spark.

Every spark may be different, but what lights up our existence?


Feeling alive and also sexual is an undeniable current that  makes life, LIFE.

Good sexuality, the one that nurtures, helps us feel alive and whole and will ripple into in our life and behaviour.

You will speak and stand differently. Some have rediscovered an old dream, one claimed his love from his wife. I know because I have seen this transformation time and time again during and after the therapy sessions.

Many of the men over 40 years old who contact me

are healthy & successful men, sometimes at the C level. They ofen lead a
too busy life styles until it is too late not to notice. They may not even know that stress and wear/ tear is real, physical affecting vital energy and sexuality. We are here to help restore you to a healthy state thus sexual health with quality healing time.

Let us bring distinctions at this point. 

I will not do a prostate internal massage because you ask for it. First i do not offer erotic myopic  short lived solutions but only authentic solutions with long lasting changes.  Depending on your symptoms, we can choose to do prostate or sexual health massage therapies. Frankly,I find it very strange that people thing they will get a change in their life with their partner with an erotic prostate massage. If you want your body to self heal, I can help you.

Who is this for?

Men who has the sexual issues that affect performance at any level of hardness, endurance, libido, testicular complications and more. Whether you feel it is in your mind or body or job related, it still works. Whether you feel that you are health or sick, it still helps you improve from where you are.

If it bothers you then it is a problem.  It is well worth to take the time to love and restore body within a stress- free quality time.  If you are from out of town, please call me I do very long sessions too.

"I am not satisfied with my sexual relations but I  am healthy," they would often say.


Over 90% of clients improve their status.  Everyone will experience the process, the results differently. However, all start at the same place: Doing it. When you do it, you will get results; you need to do it long enough to maintain the changes.

Learn how to receive and expect the best!


"I cannot believe it, that this gentle weekly pressure  on my body (1.5 hr weekly session can restore my morning erections +which were so difficult since 10 years. I had tried everything including pumps." Mike

Some changes are subtle but will build up your hope reservoir." I felt my body tingle and the blood move all over after this massage.  I never felt this with my rmt body work." Raj

The changes will happen holistically and also in your groin area where you need it, whether hardness levels, endurance, libido and or feelings. 


THIS UNIQUE THERAPY."Men's Body work works" 

First, this is an incremental & healing process!/

It is the most natural, non-invasive & results -based therapy that is not erotic.The inner healing will make this therapy long lasting while many others offer short term titillation with no lasting healing benefits.

Do you want results or short term feelings? If you want to operate in the world empowered, we can help you.

We help enhance men's health ,sexual and/or prostate, with a short duration treatment of 4-8 weeks depending on your particular situation and health.

A thorough therapy will help all sexual glands however if you have only prostate problems such as enlarged prostate or prostatitis, the treatment is 4-5 weeks. Please read prostate therapy.

No more pills!  YOU ARE THE PILL.

We use time-tested ancient massage modalities that are healing and medicinal in the same vein as acupuncture but no needles of course. If you do not know acupressure, reflexology or energy medicine please enjoy reading about it, it is 1000s of years old. Everything i do is very relaxing and restorative and will activate your inner healing to help you improve health and sexual health,because they are related. 

We must move the chi and blood freely.

Pills will not do it.

Gym work will not do it.

Talk will not do it. Yoga will not do it. 


BENEFITS for you:

It is amazing what 2 months or less

can do to rebuild your well-being and sexual vitality.

And so economical! when your next 29 years  is changed with a vibrant health . And you do not need to maintain with drugs or supplements  and spend thousands of dollars yearly on Viagra!



We also are integrating our very own brand of energy flow 7 tm technique

which transpired through our body worksi10 years of practice.

This process will leverage the  body's innate computer healing system which expresses itself with its own body language.

And we will know where it is stuck and where it needs help, life energy will flow in the body where needed. We have developed an energy scan system to help the blood and chi move easily to self heal you in 8 weeks or less.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for restoration and rejuvenation. Everything is brighter and lighter when you rejuvenate.

What is 8 weeks focus on you,  when you have a whole life time to live?


What to do on your own?

You decide if you want healing and you will find your solution.  You can also fret, worry, or psychotherapize all you want, but your problems will not be resolved and eliminated. If you do not know where to start,  often you search though Google. You read about men's clinics, but you are not sure if you
need all the latest technology, which includes short term consumables such as Viagra, pumps and needles in private parts.

You do not need the gruesome details, because you are already are
hurting. Sexually it is not happening for you, like it used to be whether the hardness, endurance or libido.

But you still have dignity and a somewhat a healthy body.  So how to
resurrect this raw material? You know that drugs do not heal but
instead they intoxicate and control symptoms. Perhaps you are not
sure how synthetic chemicals can ever help a human body.

Sexual issues concern you and you are contemplating a better life style. Yet it is a very hazy concept because it seems too good to be true or too far out there. The task of finding the right solution seems too overwhelming and difficult to achieve.

What can be easier then a lovely and healing massage that respects your body and mind!


You are tired of reading about the causes

of erectile dysfunction and all the sick men who have it. You also read about the merits of Chinese medicine using essentially needles. However, you are not
convinced that your healing journey to optimal sexuality could be based on a needling experience. 

You want to feel and experience healing.

Eureka! You had breakthrough in your reading based on scientific data. The
causes of erectile dysfunction is mostly physical ( rather than emotional).  BTW, we treat both causes successfully.

If a sexual problem has a physical cause, then why not treat it physically and holistically? Do you think that thinking more talking about it will help you sexually? Think about it and see where your thoughts go?


Western medicine refers to this sexual issue with negative terminology as

erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and they will recommend to control the bodily functions with pills, pumps or other consummable options.

With Eastern medicine or the chinese traditional medicine,

we look at deficiences or imbalances to rebalance the flow of life.

Tapping into the power of the acupuncture points on the meridian lines but without needles  and leveraging the reflex points which are remote points to organs, glands and systems.

Your body will self heal internally & incrementally;

improve the flow and

naturally restore health & sexuality.