Problem: Sexual Dysfunction

Solution: Rejuvenation of

Sexual Health


We have a revolutionary natural healing massage modality that connects your body's healing with sexual healing to life change without eroticsm, sex and the Viagra pill.

Do you ever experience Transformative Healing?

If your are Feeling a little sluggish in the sexual arena and the zesty desires seem to be on hold, let me inform you that it does not have to be this way.

What is going on?

Fact #1:

Your sexuality is a barometer of your wellness.

Even may not feel sick or be diagnosed with an illness, you may still be sluggish and under performing. You may exercise and feel like you lead a healthy life, yet your sexual happiness has detoriorated recently or for years.

You don't need to be sick. You don't need to know the exact causes, to claim a better life and sexual life. Don't think old thoughts.  Think with me that you can positively change your physical, sexual and mind toward a zesty life where all things are brighter and more hopeful.


The body self-heals without you.

The next very short video clip reveals some of the ways men lead satisfying lives after the rejuvenation program.

He is focused, happier, with less over whelm and with a more strong sexual life. His sexual and general satisfaction was enhanced, which was astonishing to him too.



How does a satisfying sex life affect you?

When you have a good sexual life, all your other parts (career, social, personal & emotional including your posture & voice) are positively transformed. 

Dreams re emerge and possibilities light up when your mind is cleared & opened. go to testimonials

Medical clinics give you consummable options that does not affect you long term using drugs, pumps and injections.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us.


Why does it works?

It works simply because it has been proven to work among hundreds of men, who trusted. It has shown results beyond our expectations, and very effectively for 11 years.  It is so successful, that it will suprise you too by its gentleness and its postive impact ( without drugs). Many men with so many different issues have come with the desire to change, and have been satisfied.

Many men are satisfied even before 4 weeks with palpable change! 


He felt like

he did 15 years ago in many ways in relationships, aspirations  including sexual. Also he felt the change and groundedness that happens when the mind fuses with body.

This link will take you away from my web site but this is what some satisfied men are saying

You simply need to want to change & receive it openly and you will be surprised at the changes in life.  go to benefits and results

Our unique massage and lifestyle program focuses on rejuvenating your sexual functions powerfully and in a sustained manner. 


This effective HOLISTIC Men's Health Program rejuvenates:

organs, glands and systems to benefit you with ancient & new (non-erotic) massage therapies.  This may also include prostate (external and or preventative) acu massage.

To have long term change you need to heal from the inside out and go deeper then just a skin or muscle massage.


Why not go for long lasting results (for years to come). If you want REAL change, then restorative massage can help you reboot your health which ripples into the sexual health.

This is an inside to out job

and that is why it works because you are participating and becoming aware of your body & changing weekly.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are mostly physical as per medical explanation  (rather than emotional). However we treat both causes of sexual performance successfully 

The corallary is : If a sexual problem has a physical cause, then why not treat it physically and holistically with massage?


Want to book a time?

What is this? 

This Therapeutic grade massage and gentle lifestyle changes will empower you and your masculinity allowing your body to (holistically) self-heal without drugs assuring that you keep your changes! The changes will occur physically and mentally and increase your vibrancy and groundedness and awareness among other things.


Ancient & new Massage Therapies:

  • Acupressure,
  • Reflexology,
  • Energy-based massage,
  • Chi exercises,
  • Body-based awareness tools,
  • and if needed food & supplement tips.

Who can benefit?

Some men need just a reboot  some need to alleviate conditions (such as cardiovascular or diabetes). Others need to change their mind set or their lifestyle. However you will all improve from where you are because we adapt to you.  Many can change their lives in ways  that is not quantifiable!

Often younger men in their 40's, just need a reboot and that is totally ok.




"Results-oriented & experential" process:

  • natural
  • non-intrusive
  • non-erotic
  • non-sexual
  • body heals from the inside out
  • combination of massage, lifestyle & body awareness exercises
  • promotes body mind connection and self-healing
  • very effective to move the chi & blood
  • sexually restorative 
  • changes thinking and habits





be in the flow of life.