Massage Therapy 

for Sexual Restoration

in less then 2 months


These are very effective massage therapies in Toronto, Ontario for mature men that are going through sexual changes and want results that last.  You will be suprised by the results because your body can self heal and so can the ancient medicinal massage!













Why do you enjoy living?

:The Spark.

Every spark may be different, but something lights up your existence?

:The Passion.

Feeling alive and sexual is an undeniable current that makes life, LIFE.

Sexuality and a life, that nurtures and enlivens you will ripple into in your daily existence to make you feel very nice in your skin. 

A healthy Libido is one of the most powerful instincts that affects a men's and women's life, making a big difference in your life.

Do you feel different and not feeling so alive in your body?

We can help you reboot your life naturally because in essence, it is all connected: and healthy, mind and body is conducive to a healthy sexuality.

What it is ? And how to get started on the men's health program which consists of sexual and or prostate health?





Our UNIQUE Men's Health program leverages natural ancient and time tested body based therapies:

  • Acupressure
  • Reflexology
  • Energy based massage

We adapt to your particular health issues and special needs however all men enhance libido, hardness, endurance and feeling at least 30% to 110%. Revitalizing will help each person differently at all levels of body, mind and soul because the body heals holistically and by cause not by whim.

However, if you want to know more about the prostate therapy or it's symptoms it can be a stand alone therapy.

The first myth to demystify is

Your body can heal itself when you give it time

Thus YOU ARE THE PILL and what you do to help your body, your body will give back much more.  Your body has the capacity to heal itself and that is well known since cave men walked the earth.

Your body when prompted, will self-heal  in the same way as acupuncture does but no needles of course. If you do not know acupressure, reflexology or energy medicine  please enjoy reading about this 2000 years old therapy that is still as effective today.

It is when we create a very relaxing and restorative state that you will activate your inner healing; thus to help you improve health and sexual health. You may say this cannot work in your mind but it is once you open up and allow the  process  of healing to occur that it actually does.

Sexuality is not just a talk process but a physical and mind opening process.

We must move the chi and blood freely for you to get the FLOW AND LIFE BACK!

  • Pills will not do it. Testimonials are here.
  • Gym work will not do it.
  • Talk will not do it.
  • Yoga will not do it. 


Life changes after the Men's health program,

There is an openess and things happen.  You will speak and stand differently. You will be more confident.  Different things happen

rediscover an old dream;

reclaim your love for  partner;

have better relationship;

are more peace at work;


It is well worth to take the time to love and restore body within a stress- free quality time when YOUR WHOLE life to come will change.  






Over 90% of clients improve their status at a physical and mental level when they allow the time and are opened. Everyone will experience the process and the results differently. However, all start at the same place: Doing it. When you do it, you will get results; and you need to do it long enough to maintain the changes.TESTIMONIALS 

"I cannot believe it, that this gentle weekly pressure  on my body (1.5 hr weekly session can restore my morning erections +. I have tried so hard to make this work with pumps and it was so difficult since 10 years.

I had tried everything but this therapy showed me so much more ." Mike

Some changes are subtle but will build up your hope reservoir." I felt my body tingle and the blood move all over after this massage.  I never felt this with my rmt body work." RaGET INTO THE ZONE WHERE HEALING OCCURS

You are tired of reading about the causes

of erectile dysfunction and all the men who suffer due to these problems and yet no one talks about solutions!

If you want your body to self heal for the long haul you need to participate, it is an inside job.  And I can help you on this path.  If you seek to read about more testimonials on sexual and prostate health therapies?

Eastern, Western Medicine, medicine and healing the body systems.

You may  also read about the scientific and health merits of Chinese medicine using essentially needles. However, you are not convinced that your healing journey to optimal sexuality focuses on a needling experience. 

You want to feel and experience healing now not wait months.  

Eureka! Scientific data espounds that
causes of erectile dysfunction are mostly physical ( rather than emotional). BTW, we treat both causes of sexual performance successfully.

The corallary is : If a sexual problem has a physical cause, then why not treat it physically and holistically?

Do you think that thinking or talking will help you sexually? 


Another big isssue is the stigmatizing marketing based on the Western medicine

using negative terminology such as erectile dysfunction &  sexual dysfunction.  Generally they want to control the bodily functions with pills, pumps or other consummable options.




The Eastern medicine or the chinese traditional medicine,

focuses on strenghts, deficiences or imbalances to rebalance the flow of life.