Problem: Sexual Dysfunction (ED)

Solution: Rejuvenating the

Sexual & Prostate Health


Take a few minutes to read what will enable deep change in your life....Several weeks of effective massage therapy, can renew  your intimate life. Quality Restorative Time with your body will payback you 100 fold, and  in all your areas of you life.  You cannot imagine how good it feels to be revved and invigorated but when you continue  then the changes are sustained!

Don't just fix it, renew and recharge!

The easiest way to maintain and improve your sexual is to receive life-enhancing massages on a regular basis.

  • Are You Feeling a little sluggish in the sexual arena?
  • Is your zest for life on hold?

  • Are you on a pause even though it may not be andro pause?

Consider a revolutionary, simple & natural healing massage modality to powerfully connect the dots..from your body's inner healing to sexual healing; from a head based existence to a whole, deep awareness and awakening. This is first of all an experential process that will build up from one sessiont to the other and will be different for everyone.  

We adapt to each other and help you move through to bigger and bigger results. However you result leads to the next.  The changes are physcial, mental and often also life and spiritual since experiencing empowered self-healing changes people for life.

Such that, this men's health enhancement program will help improve sexual or glandular level but far exceeds that:

  • PROSTATE HEALTH (with external therapies)

This is not about short term gains such as eroticsm, sex and Viagra.  Your body can rejuvenate and self heal with the right body treatment to open your body to greater chi and circulation! Why not empower yourself to get better from a strong healthy foundation that lasts into your future?

For more details you can go to Sexual Health Topics and choose the topic of interest and listen to the video testimonials below. Please call us to discuss how you can change your life to becoming more sexually alive & vibrant.








Video testimonial:


After treatments ,he felt like

he did 15 years ago in his relationships, aspirations  including sexual. Also he felt the change and groundedness that happens when the mind fuses with body.

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