1. Is this body work?

Yes 90% of the work is body centric therapy or massage. We use healing hands, not needles. It is the body work that clears and focuses the mind, relaxes your body deeply thus restores your whole body. The mind body connection brings you further to being radically healthy then just a feel good or technical or rmt massage.

I can select the modality based on your needs for pain or tension relief, relaxation or restoration. I am not selling techniques but results.

SELF-HEALING Coaching is included in empoweryourmasculinity or when requested by client.

The rest of the assistance is to build your awareness of your body as a temple where you find peace and health.  We break down the mind control and restoring energy to body.

2. I do not know what I need?

Do not worry, we will figure it out, as I know more about you/ what you seek & your health.  We can meet for a nonimal fee with a sampling of restorative massage.  Sorry I do not do 30 minutes massages since our goal is clear mind and body for shifts. Shifts lead to awareness and success due to greater clarity.

Please do not ask me to copy another therapist. Please peruse the modalities and clarify your needs as well as you can. We can take it from there.

3. How do I know where to start?

Perhaps if you can become aware of your symptoms and your desirable results? What do you think you need or what you wish to experience?  Do you have stress? What is your diagnostic? Where are you in life?

Would you like to re invent yourself? Liberating massage experience does that, it opens up the mind and breaks down rigidity.

For the men's health, we start with 1.5 hour conversation and sampling of massage.  We want to know how you handle receiving dear.  This is an experiential process  and the body receives energy.

4. Is there talking?

In the beginning, there is some talking but then there is less as we go, usually. I try to not overwhelm you with too much talk or thinking. But if you talk too much you can take away from receiving, I would appreciate that you consider this is a massage not a course nor psychotherapy. Although if there are emotional causes, we can give space for expression, I am not here to teach you what i am doing- I am here to do the work needed so that you enhance the quality of your life.  This is mostly physical work through which symptoms of a physical/mental/emotional nature can be improved.  We need to focus on the body's healing. 

If you wish to have a course or to analyze my work, it is not conducive, to say the least, if you seek much results. Since this is not my objective nor should it be yours unless you want to become a massage therapist or analyst.  If you want a workshop please request info.

This process seems complex, however very simple?

During precious body connection time we focus to help your body get well and the rest will follow. If you allow body to receive energy your body will mend and self-heal just like the oceans eco-system which balances water and irrigates in areas of need.  Body emulates that balancing act.

5-What should i focus on?

You need to know what you want to experience in your life. You need to have some idea of good results but there is no need to stress or be attached on these results. You also need to receive and have a healthy opened mind.

Because the body does not think like the mind and heals naturally.You need to focus on participating, receiving, being present and expecting good things. OK?

6- What kinds of massage are available?

Many, but for simplicity's sake. There is relaxation and then results/healing massage to help you change and shift. You choose first what you wish to experience and I deliver. I will not make the decision for you, but provide solutions based on your needs. This is about receiving and experience

and not about learning massage details. I will not do massage like your massage practitioner in your home town. Sorry. However if you are oponed, you will get a wonderful experience in your body that will renew your mind.

6b- Do you use oils?

Lomi Lomi requires oils and a nude body to receive it. Please tell us if you are allergic to certain oils.

7-Should i know what i want?


You choose what you want first, i will not decide for you. I will only help you find solutions and get well- being. However you need to decide and use your will power. If you want just relaxation because that is all you had, then you can stay there and feel good for that 1 hour or if you can also go deeper and get more flow that will provide energy and well being.

8-Is this also a spiritual endeavour?

Yes, if you participate actively , yes it is!  There is alot of gratitude raising in this process that is very helpful. However this is body centric and it is the silence that can open you up to possibilties.

Ask me when you are in the program because your openess to grow spiritually is not necessarily obvious when you first come for massage but the liberating feelings lead there if you allow it too.

Some clients had the greatest breakthroughs and some have literally visualized heaven and some have met God. It is up to you, but you can go very far.

9-What am i to expect?

To receive a direct experience. To Change incrementally and with long lasting effects. However we all change differently and experience differently in this process.  There is no erotic or sexual content in my massages. Please respect the professionals.

10- I want to try one hour for men's health ?

This is a process not a sampling of life nor a skin massage.

Do not stress your body nor me to fix you in 1 hour.  You want to rejuvenate, you need to "work a little" and get rid of the layers.  Your body will respond accordingly to your quality time.

Be connected. Be tuned in. Allow your body to help you.  This will take 6-8 weeks.

Enjoy the journey. You will be changed, positively!

11-What does empower your masculinity do?

It is rejuvenatin body work  to help you get well and  in every aspect including your sexual functions (where you are weaker) with the strenghtening of sexual glands, organs, systems. This is holistic and incremental, thus this includes all your groin area.  To help you unblock chi and blood is powerfully going to change you.