To: Joanna

From: Kevin 


Monday, ‎27 ‎July, ‎2015


15 years ago I was involved in the second major car crash of my life. I made some improvements, but never fully recovered.

This is despite many forms of treatment; Cortisone (+ steroids) injections, Botox for muscle spasms, nerves in my neck frozen, then burned. I steered away from no possible cure, and had many adventures to the depths of my mind and body - from biofeedback (using the mind to control muscles, blood flow, and blood pressure, to tens machines, to neck braces and pillows, and including all the "holistic" forms of healing. However, time was marching along right beside me and the last MRI I had done in 2015 Jan, showed



much higher than normal deterioration, several forms of arthritis, pinched nerves, narrowing of the spinal column, Herniated disk, bone spurs, and lots of scar the words of my Family Doctor "The neck of a 75 year old". I am 49.


Jan 2015 found me in limbo after a 28 year old career ended due to the popular term "downsizing", and with an opportunity for me to utilize the only chance I will have to "Heal". I could no longer accept that THIS was as good as I was going to get, and I would quickly and continuously deteriorate.


After 4 months of continuing my daily exercise routine, and trying a few new things, I was becoming frustrated due to the lack of improvement. I was still experiencing days on end of very intense and debilitating pain.


In June, I met Joanna and started cautiously down a new road. I had my beliefs set firmly and was not exactly sure of my expectations or goals.I was looking for help.


Here are some reasons why my progress has so far been successful with Joanna's treatments:


- Although Joanna has her own beliefs, developed from years of studying many forms of healing, she still has an open mind, and when I expressed curiosity about anything, she went right to work and learned herself as she taught me.


-  Many activities are variations of techniques I have tried, she taught me how to make them work by teaching my mind to listen better to my body. Before I listened, but then I set my mind to the task, but ignored what my body told me. I figured it was my mind that would force my body to heal.


- Joanna possesses the patience of JOB as I can be stubborn in my beliefs. It was not a matter of letting anything go, but accepting deeper truths than the ones I was holding on to. She gently but firmly taught me to listen better to my body, to perform exercises better, how to direct the energies within my body, and to allow the healing to flow naturally, without my mind protecting my damaged areas.


As we hit August (3 months)of "treatment" here are the improvements I have noticed.

On a physical level....A marked decrease in the level and frequency of pain. An increased vigor and energy level, and a decreased recovery period after exertions when I push myself to far. To my mind this feels much more natural - "You must expend energy in order to gain energy", and I believe that as I grow stronger and less energy is needed for the current healing, the energy I create will become mine. I am back on my mountain bike after years and years of being unable due to the jarring to my neck. I ride it differently now - reacting to what my body tells me - not what my mind tells my body to do. I bought a kayak, and am able to use it with just the minimal amount of expected muscle pain. These 2 activities have brought more happiness than I thought possible, and I was unable to consider either activity 6 months ago.

On a mental level, I am more cheerful and outgoing. I have a much better relationship with my body. My sense of wellbeing and "Joie de vivre" (joy for life) have increased tenfold, and my expectations for my "quality of life" have surpassed any hopes I have had for many many years.