If you can be patient a bit , and allow natural therapies do their deep work, for approximately 1 month, then you will see change because it incrementally shifted at every session. For more info on the prostate 4 week treatment.

Many men with enlarged prostate and prostatis have obtained the following changes in their symptoms.  This massage therapy with special oils will help you get results that will surpise you!  The list below shows you the level of symptoms when your are symptomatic. Some don't show symptoms but have an enlarged prostate! 

  • normal urine flow and volume
  • reduced urinary frequency at night
  • less urgency in the day time
  • alleviates retention of urination
  • reduction in dribble
  • more normal frequency of urination during day time
  • less pain in the glands or groin area
  • usually a change of 33% less frequency at night within just several sessions
  • down to 1 or 0 frequency at night usually at the end of treatment  (4-6 weeks)
  • better sleep 
  • both sexual glands (prostate and testes) get stronger. 
  • results  ripple over to alleviate other problems such as sexual
  • pain and obstruction (including urination, ejaculation) in the sexual glands can be greatly improved 
  • relief of pain and discomfort from testicular defect from birth or pain
  • some men reported that the shrunken teste has become normal size
  • can impact orgasms
  • by opening up the obstructions, everything runs better
  • There is a wide area from kidneys to ducts to bladder to urination and many different blockages can be relieved along the way.