slow energy raising experience,

like a wave of love.


Have you experienced freedom of your mind &  body?

Do you feel anything during massage or long after? There is more to feel available for you.

Feel something very deep with Lomi Lomi because it moves chi inside out with wave of enhanced blood and chi.

LOMI LOMI massage, the delightful mind expansive experience breaks out of the mold and the "normal massage.  These innocent wave-like motions suprisingly changed my life forever,  & so did many customers who felt the  ( mental and or physical ) shifts. 

A shift creates a safe and larger space for new perceptions...Elevate your chi. Change your habits.  When you can feel the  yumminess of the body, your body will teach your mind new relaxed response.


Inspired from Hawaii,

Lomi Lomi is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing which is derived from the ancient Polynesians.  This healing modality was developed to enhance our connection with God, the source of healing.  I learned this form of this art in Toronto,  with the Hot Lomi Inspiration.

The movements are dance like with fore arms; large, expansive and enveloping allowing for the release and opening of mind and body.


Lomi lomi massage is an expansive experience very different from standard massage or technicians.

Not only will your muscles  or skin feel refreshed and relieved:

your mind opens, clearing your state to a light and joyful feeling. Letting go of what we hold is pure heaven.  My clients have experienced heightened state of consciousness; old beliefs dissipate and life just gets better when youintegrate this in your life ! The shakles go with the outdated beliefs and you will walk on new grounds.

A few clients were able to go to a higher realm, heaven, and experience it and come back.  ALLELUIA!



The above video from Marion, RMT,  talks about her joyful experience  when feeling more present, in the now where this massage kept her in her body.


Experience a Lomi Lomi Massage

1.5- 2 hr massage or a LOMI THAI Massage

developing chi (ENERGY) through the movements of dance and arms,

elevating the energy flow movement within both the therapist and YOU.

Using fore arms slowly, whose pressure is adapted to you.

As you grounded the deep healing feelings, we also integrate other techniques for specific pains or mobility, such as Thai or acupressure.

Every one will experience differently however it gets better as you learn to move in the flow of energy easing the path to lightness of being.


Marion, rmt, describes this healing process ”as a joy surges  from the presence of being in the now.

Sal:" lomi helps my body recover from sports, it feels like the muscles opens up and warm, It is wonderful that my muscles relax without the usual pain of rmt type of massage.

Frank: "I never experienced this level of relaxation,  all the problems left his shoulders magically".

The person who filmed lomi said "Just seeing lomi lomi massage is hypnotizing and lovely." Jim

"This is much better then using hands (like swedish) massage"

Sound Engineer from a band from L.A. said: "This is the best massage I ever received and felt the energy in my tummy area." Erin

Brad said " I feel so much better after Lomi Lomi massage. I practise martial art  and travel alot between USA and Toronto and will come back to also focus on pain relief of my neck. I have tried rmt but does not go deep enough."

Mr. Fred said" I have never had experiences such as these with massage. I truly appreciate since my very long hours, my body is no longer acting like it used to. I was not feeling good going to work and had trouble enjoying it.  After different massage i experienced different states of being..happiness, energy, calmness and also a connection with higher self!"

Nathan said " I came here because my friend recommended Lomi Lomi to increase the circulation, and was he ever right."

George below says ''it is offer high contact and lots of experience with chi. "Hear his testimonial.

Rita from Charm spa said "this is the best massage from a female therapist."


80.00/hr tax in 

The number of session you need will depend on your lifestyle and your self-care goals.