Larry's video gives you a good idea of natural effective therapies.

"I wanted to be healthy and do good to my wife. And I must say that it was not easy since there were all kinds of changes and some wonderful however week it was different. You have to be very patient and finally had such big breakthroughs that i never had in my life that my hope has been rebuilt. I am stronger, happier and healthier and our couple life has been restored even at 60. Now i can that we can enjoy more."

Shawn said "Tired with the way things were going, I was seeking to feel better physically and emotionally. I believe I was going into depression or was in depression.  

It impacted my personal life for months was very disturbing to me.... but very busy in the boardroom improving my bottom line.


It was not clear how low was low but I spiralled downward with no signs of life or hope.  My health was good except for a few things that you can remedy with good diet but was a bit overweight.

I had this sense that the cause of my inability to be totally physical  was due to my mind mostly.  I was partially right based on my success with health enhancement program. I did expect to have my life turn  around in less then 8 months but it did and my life is not happier and more productive.

I spoke to doctors and psychologists..had some temporary changes..But the facts were that i was not happy, and not making my wife happy  nor my family due to my not feeling mentally, emotionall and physically well.


When I met Joanna, she gently told me that i was not tuned in to my body and, actually dismissed it as part of the solution.  She recommened some general massage to connect with body just to get started...and started i did..this opened me up, body and mind to greater love and appreciation..She watched and coached my thought process when i was being hard and negative on myself. I could not know on my own how not caring i was towards myself but learned to watch my mind and it's negative talk and to live in greater awareness and gratitude.


This has been a journey back to manhood and fatherhood..My wife has me back and so do my children..I still have to go deeper in healing my heart and strenghtening but my morale is back to where it was 5 years ago and I pledge to always listen to body and take care of my temple not just focus on the boardroom and what i want to control.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a massage that changed my life, my wife and my kids. I am no longer afraid to love. 

As my kids said. "I am back"


Keywords: sexual dysfunction, depression, mind body, body mind, relationship, love.

"I was experiencing a waning of my feelings and desires and was concerned about this part of my manliness. It was challenging for me since i had a very short attention span and was often in my head. However we pulled such a wonderful changes after a month that this works with some effort of being present. I am truly starting to feel young again whether my wife is there or not i feel the desire. Truly this was worth my time and effort to seek natural therapies."

Paolo says

"Initially, I just wanted to get going again since at my age , things are not working as well but based on my symptoms we decided to improve my prostate and am happy to say that a night and from 2-3 time an hour to 1-2 times/hr within a few sessions.  It just progressed from there. I can feel younger and hopeful for the future."

X says

" I am a young male with prostatitis and tilted pelvic forward. Since i just started the treatments i cannot gauge exactly the change overall but I know that there  more healthy life there since the  flow is better in my ejaculation. With time I will be able to gauge since you can only average the change after a little while." 

X says

" I have found that my positive changes remained and now am going only 1 time a night versus 2 times, my urine flow is normal, my testes have 50% less pain..and most of all i feel better."

Meet Frank

Frank is a 90 year old pharmacist

who was on drugs for years had a history of urinating 15 times a day, after 3-4 treatments he reduced his frequency to 50% and no longer needed the pills.


John says

" I read the web site many times before starting with Joanna and felt right and trusted the process but i was on pills since i had urinary retention.  It is a very scary thing..but i wanted to give you heads up on what it feels to get started.. i felt the energy move up my legs and the sensations in my groin that made me realize how powerfully connected and knowledgeable the body is..and the bladder point was hurting so much when she did reflexology for the first time! that is no pure coiincidence.  I feel connected with my body more and much more appreciative of what the body has endured all these years as long distance driver. God bless you." 


X says

" I am not only going to urinate 2 times a weeks versus 2-3 times daily in the past.  What astound me is that I can sleep every night even when i wake up. I am concerned because my body is showing other signs of wear and tear and do need to sleep and normalize my heart rate."

Dave says

"I was very stressed since I was not sleeping and urinating 2-3 times a night. After a couple of sessions, I was only going 1/2 a day, i was not waking up and going.  All my demeanour changed with my teaching at school since my stress left me, what a difference it feels!  Also as i do this process the pain goes away from my neck longer periods plus fatulence is decreased. " Changes vary as the weeks go by.

Y says

"I was very concerned with my left teste which was hurting me for a year or so. I did not really take notice until it started feeling less tender and painful with the prostate therapy sessions. I am mostly in my mind and also noticed as i proceeded that my frequency of urination went to only 1 a week after 6 sessions which was initially 1-2 a night.  This means so much to me, to no worry every day and be conscious of this unhealthy sensation in my teste, we managed to get the circulation moving to get my mid torso pain - free. My wife also noticed that my teste was looking normal and not retracted.  The health care system should have these natural therapies included as part of options and available to kids in school. Learn to receive touch is a blessing when well done." 

Matt says

 " I was in excruciating pain in my pelvic area and was urinating 5 times a night and more than once an hour the day time of a total of easily 15 times a day and was concerned to say the least, particularly with my free lancing technical employment.  I am so happy today after a few session - I go once or twice a night even though I was told that prostititis is chronic and hard to get relief...my pain intensity went to down to 1/10..you don't know what it means to have this kind of freedom of movement and sleep...now i am looking forward to taking care of my back and sexual health in the near future because i believe that they are all related cousins."


Tom says

"I was not feeling so great after my prostate surgery and my life changed wih my masculinity. Though I was amazed to see a change at the first visit with my dribbling and incontinence. What can one session do eh?"


Jefferson says

"I had tried it all you name it tried it and many treatments were invasive.  I had excruciating pain for 8 years and never found a relief from doctors+ nor anybody.  I could have had some respite but all was temporary. And now after so many antibiotics that effect is wearing out too.  I found Joanna by complete serendipity and she explained this process to me and we did so well on even my first treatment i experienced a drop in pain several times during and post massage.  I still cannot believe it and she is helping me to maintain this with mental training.  I am from out of town and intend to go back!

Oliver says


" I work at Rogers and am working in a stressful technical position and was experiencing insomnia the last 6 weeks.  I was urinating 1-2 times a night and was not able to sleep after the incident.  After a couple of treatments, i had a 0-1 frequency a night and later , approximately a month,  i had more 0 urination and the rest i was able to sleep even after i was awaken by noisy car! So something is definetely working out even though this is not like a typical massage i had in the past but i can make the connections now.

I am so enthused that I decided to take action even though my doctor said that everything is normal.  I knew that I was not normal anymore since I was sleeping before and not urinating so frequently."

John says

"I am quite young, being 35, and all of a sudden within 2 months i was not able to sleep at night.  I was urninating average 2 times a night and was not able to sleep..then i noticed after the treatments that I was able to sleep even when I had to go and even when i was awakened by noise..which is quite incredible."


Dany says

" I was very nervous about all this since I never got this kind of treatment in the past, I received hard rmt massage and was not sure how a gentle and relaxing massage can work, but after 5 days it started showing me results at night and now i know that it works deeply and has nothing to do with my previous beliefs."


Arnold says

" According to what I was experiencing I have prostate and sexual issues and moved from one program to the other with 2 hours per week since i was out of town.   And did not think much of it since I was divorced and without any girlfriend until one day when it all came together when i saw an old friend...it is subtle perhaps but it is there building you from the inside out.  I liked the feelings during these massages because I felt good and revved up so i continued until I was good. I am glad that i did. "

"I am very new at alternative wellness but have learned that if I follow her directions I will see results and results i saw clearly after my 3 session.  I not only slept better, had less body heat, but also enjoyed my moment with my wife. I am so happy that i made that decision to make changes after becoming an empty nester." Matt

" I had problems for years with my sexual performance. I decided to try this service and have travelled 9 hours by car to go Toronto from USA.  We did 4 hours treatments to avoid the traveling and found that all of a sudden after 5 days my feelings in the morning came back..i cannot tell you how happy I was to feel that power in me back. " John , usa


" I was interested in the sexual enhancement primarily but since i was waking up once a night, we noticed that after treatment I was barely going to washroom at night, only 2 times i woke up in one week! " Tom

"I am not sure how this happened , but I am no longer depressed now after several prostate therapies and head reflexology" Tony

" Being very stressed from work, i had difficulty coping with these frequent urinations at night time..and as things calmed down, i realized that I was down to 2 times a night when i was going 3-4 times and it is getting better." Jean

"I had prostatitis and found that this treatment helped me tremendously to uplift my mild depression." Vincent

 " I was very desperate when I came for my treatment and nothing was working to resolve my 3 urinations at night time..some would only be slightly effective in the day time,but this is treatment is effective where needed...at night..so now i can sleep and feel good about myself. I had this trouble for 10 years, and am so happy that i took my time to heal, afterall it took 50 years to get here ! I cannot remember when i slept all night, and recently i slept for 3 nights in a row. " Peter chartered accountant

 "The pelvic pain bothered me alot before my treatments and now they are gone." Flavio

" I came from Israel on a trip to Toronto and found Jovanna and had many problems such as abnormal urine flow and particularly had a challenge being born with retracted testicles..and they feel normal now! Also i no longer urinate at night time, i feel younger and more confident. Henry

" It has been 6 months of suffering with very frequent urination during work and during my sleep and now i have no frequency during night and day..no rush to go just feels all normal now...and am considering going the natural route to prevent my mild glaucoma too." Sieg

" I work at the bank and was quite embarassed at my young age to have to go...and am so happy that now i can sleep and not have to go 4 times anymore." Mario

" I used to urinate at night daily and found after first treatment that i could sleep all night and many other benefits occurred..no urge to eat..no back pain in the morning and my mind was lighter and clearer!" Kenny

My wife was after me to stop taking the pharmaceutical pills because of the toxic and negative side effects and suggested that i go see a natural practitioner, and wow, i can now sleep like a baby and can work at the construction site without running every hour, just go normally. I feel younger and now am converted to natural medicine and looking forward to getting off the cholesterol and blood pressure pills." Miro

"I used to wake up 4-5 times a night to urinate and now only once...and with only 3 treatments! What a lovely surprise to have this work like a charm!" David


"I felt great relief from the first session..I used to dribble without knowing and now I am in control and feel what is going on" Ralph

"I no longer dribble and have a stench in my pants, I go when I need to go" David 

"I have prostate cancer and unfortunately am too late to have surgery..however these treatments have relieved me of lymphodema (after radiation) and at least 10% of symptoms reduction at each session". Dominic

"I had frequent urinations that caused great stress during my job and at night...for the last 9 years..I was consulting an urologist too...I am happy to say that after several treatment all my symptoms left". Tony

"I am 75 and had to go constantly, at least 12 times a day and now am normal..about 5 times a day. I can work and lead a dignified life." Larry, pharmacist.

"It was difficult to work and sleep..i was urinating at least 3 times night and up to 12 times a day. Now even if I drink i can hold my urine and do not need to go more than 6 times a day and maximum once 0-1 night. Also i have noticed a rejuvenation of my sexual health which I have never experienced in my life. Many changes occured and was never feeling so young" . Mohammed

"I was not able to urinate easily at times and was very stressed, and your hands did to my body was right because i never had the urinary retention again but also my sex life came back." Bill

"There is no price for the peace of mind that I experienced from no more tension /pain in my pelvic area & sleeping at night." Shean

"I used to have pain in my left teste and it seemed to have shrunk because i noticed that they had grown back to normal size after a few treatments.  1-2 months my teste has less pain and is loosened up and has normal shape! What a relief that was to not have to worry!" Leo

"Already within the first 2 sessions, i see that my frequency has dropped during 1/2 the week from 4-5 times to 2-4 times a night, which is great without medicine and i can sleep now!" D.L.

"I noticed that i urinate at a different time of the night and now i am only going once very early in the morning ( instead of 3). Which is great since i do not need to wake up."

"I had testicular pains for many years and was starting to impact my university and my sexual activities..and then I found Joanna. The journey is worth it..the first visit I felt the pain moved around and even at night it jabbed me..then the next treatment the pain intensity went down and sex was easier..so now cannot wait to see the rest!" James