I learned to

Listen to your body & the joy waiting to be expressed, when we let go of things known or unknown.

I crave for the freedom that allows for the expression of the spirit and creative powers. Your body will carry your joy.  However your mind, slower kind, will still try to figure out what is going on....However your body is active and organic and will feel the chi activation as it becomes experential.


After listening to hundreds of clients' complaints about their bodies, patiently and faithfully, I discovered the  power of the body to self -heal and coined it "INTELLIGENT BODY" massage. It goes beyond the fundamentals of Chinese medicine.

We leverage the body's wisdom to self-heal thus creating the bigger experience of life, when we operate as whole beyond the intellectual and linear. The body embodies your changes thus your body will be impacted and prove to you that a change has occurred.

The body is a yet unknown tool for evolution when its being given the attention it deserves.  You will feel chi and movement and will know that the body supports you and is trying to heal for you.

Do you wish to progress and feel the wholeness from mind, body and spirit knowledge?


like it did over 8000 years ago, during the bed of civilisation. 

Are you ready to live a peaceful, vibrant life free from worry and chaos and dis ease,

but you don’t know how to achieve it easily

or cannot find long lasting results? 

As a LICENSED Holistic Massage Practitioner, I can assure you, a relaxed, happy and healthy lifestyle can be experienced by anyone who seeks/wants. 

The path (stillness and regeneration) leads to a more abundant, intuitive and creative life. The brain will function better and thinking is a higher level such as strategizing and decision making.

My name is Joanna Recine, & a humble gifted Intuitive Healer, who focuses on the whole person: body-mind-soul.  Your inner dormant chi can  open up by a trained professional.

Your body is much more intelligent than you realize.

It will find solutions for physical /emotional issues, when you take the time to restore. In our hectic modern life, it is easy to miss this simple truth.

Self-awareness, is an untapped secret to help us evolve as a human being.




My life was changed 11 years ago

when I trained and received a Chinese head massage.   The results i experienced and saw were unforgettable. The glowing effects on the body and face amazed me that I spent the next decade perfecting this art of chi & rejuvenation.

I can now infuse this magic into my own daily practice, and continue to see lives transformed physically and emotionally. In the western world, these are miracles.  Developed my own system to teach people to become aware and self heal with IntelligentBodyMassage.com. This powerful energy and body-scanning tool will detect obstructions  and open up your body and also your mind to push through limiting beliefs.

I work directly with  universal chi intentionally as your body learns to receive. When your mind  controls, it cannot tap into healing as effectively.

Experience true freedom and healing.  

My healing practice gave birth to the invaluable processess of,

Intelligent Body Massage and Men’s Health Rejuvenation, where people tap into their intrinsic healing capacities including sexuality.

I also am trained in these ancient energy healing modalities:

Reach out to me today & to lighten your soul.