Take a month to change your life - heal your prostate

Sorry we do not have how to videos available.You will only get results when you do it.

This is not a course.  This is a a results based therapy to alleviate your urinary symptoms in any or all of the following areas:

urgency, retention, frequency, stutter, dribbling, volume and incontinence. These problems will be reduced or go away within a few sessions usually.


Results will be expected and will vary in timing and intensity.

A comprehensive and holistic program based on body acu work focused on opening up the right channels on the body and life style support will help you achieve long lasting results between 5 weeks to 12 weeks.  Please get acquainted that the body can heal itself with the right nourishment and promptings. The body has to re balance itself within the strong and weak areas to reach equilibrium.

I am a body acu coach to help your body heal/recover itself.

Men have experienced real and verifiable changes usually within 1-6 sessions starting with at least 30% + - change which translates into reduction of symptoms for example from 4 urinations (before treatments) to 2-3 urinations/night! And after 3 sessions results show 50% + - and more changes in the bladder prostate related symptoms.  Thus the frequency or urination will drop significantly very quickly.


If you have other conditions such as kidney,bladder, sexual gland birth defect or diabetes etc or other serious urinary related disorders, you may take a longer time to recover.



The men's health therapies include: Prostate Health and Sexual Health

Particular therapeutic skills are needed by a holistic practitioner to cause good results.. and these skills are honed through out the years and with many clients . This process builds from the inside out and will provide you tangible changes at a physical and often mental level. 

Yes this is the real thing, not just fluff! 

Please do not come with your pre conceived ideas that might be in your way and dictating how this is going to work unless there are clinical studies proving it.

If you seek more info on enhancement of sexual functions such as staying power, libido and hardness. The sexual enhancing program is for men who want more out of life and are willing to be patient until the end of the process. You will definitely experience a difference and progress as you proceed.  Please do not ask me to change your world in one session. The sexual health program can require 6 weeks to 3 months depending on health.

We operate in a stress-free and performance-free environment allowing your body to rebalance and rejuvenate.

Also please consider that you are treating the causes whether it be low energy, circulation, andropause, stress, emotions, sexual glands and this is not about a viagra bomb to give you an illusion that your body is healthy.

Again this is not about 1 square inch of your body, a healthy prostate is important but will not necessarily bring back your sex life. Do not presume that if a prostate behaves normally then it will solve all your other problems. But it is safe to say that a healthy prostate can help your sexual life but not that it is a panacea for rebuilding your sexual life however a prostate therapy will help your prostate health. No doubt.


WHAT IF 6 hours can change your life and your prostate health?

You can treat enlarged prostate naturally and smartly!

Get rid of urinary problems for good

  whether related to prostate or not.



The indirect problem with any sexually related condition is the stigma created by society with words like erectile dysfunction..but look at the medical community's mode of answering to important health questions:

"You are getting older".  "There is nothing to do".  Wait, come and see me next visit." "Let us see." "We don't really know why."  "Your prostate is no bigger then mind." "The prostate is ok for  your age."

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