The question i get asked so many times.

Is it normal?

It hurts to hear this question asked since being human is sometimes not normal. LoL

Is it normal to have a red face? What do you think blood does when it moves? It gives you colour!  Signs of life show up in many different ways and it is normal that the body responds with better sleep or more energy or purging and cleansing and even pain...Please it is part of the growing and wonderful pains of self-healing.


Being vaccinated is not normal either. However it causes some men problems with testes..and is that normal? NO! Because it shouldn't be there in the first place.  But vaccination causes chaos in our organic body.

Do we have to live with prostate/urinary problems? No! Since we prevent these problems with self-healing massage modalities which will reverse aging and  bring renewal.


Stretch your testes - to relieve your very painful testes

Some men have to contend with this problem which can impede the quality of life on a daily basis.

And since  I am a firm believer that for every problem, there is a solution.  One of my clients has this problem of painful testes due to production of testosterone ever since he got married which was 40 years ago. And we found a way to relieve that pain with stretching them.  I know I know but he has got to find a way to live normally, it is very painful if left that way.


SELF-help for your inflammation (prostate)

In your salad you will find some incredible solutions.


Evening primrose oil contains rich supply of gamma linilenic acid (gla) and omega 6 fatty acid aiding in reducing inflammation.  ComeS in an capsule but you can use in you salad.


It has many more benefits such as combating also rheumatoid arthritis, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis...

What do you have to loose?


Liver Tonic and a producer of healthy sex hormones -testosterone

Milk Thistle Extract


has been renowned as a liver tonic ( repairs after alcohol and chemo)  but also a mighty producer of sex hormones; testosterone.

Also known to lower cholesterol and inhibit growth of cancer cells.


A very good physical therapy such as massage will help you reboot you sexually.




When you are so focused on the end goal of sexual performance that you miss that who we are is in the way

You are an essential part of the puzzle.  It is truly an unhappy state when you see a will powered man who wants it so badly that he does not even consider that his attitude or anger can be in the way of it.  

If we look at the connection of emotions with organs then we can say based on Chinese medicine that the liver represents the emotion of anger and since the liver processes testosterone it is important that both improves the flow.

Anger short circuits the sexual juices and turns another route.


Emotions in the body are real. Every organ has an emotion associated with it.  Fear is associated with kidneys. Anger is associated with liver.


Have you considered a reboot of sexual health, it can change your life and open eyes, body and doors.