For all the late bloomers, it is not too late to experience physical pleasure

We do not know when it will all work out. Sometimes we think we have it good. Sometimes we loose a good thing that we did not know. And the best is when we know we have it right.  You have to know that and keep it in focus so that it can give you that hope for the future.




If you want your mojo to all work out for you 

THEN you would also need to relax since enjoyment is a stress-free mode and not part of multi-tasking. It is a journey not an end all.

I met one person who was always calculating his minutes to see how well he is doing.  Well after a while, i figured that he did not  know better.

He was actually sabotaging his quality for time and also being insensitive to his wife.  But once he stopped he started focusing on how good it is and getting better.  Now He does not want to count for fear of going back to his old ways. LOL. 





In so many countries, sexuality is not learned and they marry as virgins

The "virgin "couples try their best with no knowledge of the anatomy or of fore play techniques. 

If you do not know basics and how to pleasure your partner, then you cannot get all the goodies for yourself because you need male and female to both be at the same level of evolution and availability.

Becoming rejuvenated sexually is a good objective but you cannot leave your partner without offering to walk the same path of pleasurable intimacy.

I am now teaching mature men how to pleasure their wives because they never learned  and were to busy perfecting their mind and working.  And am happy to help women feel good with my men's health rejuvenation programs.


It is unfortunate that some men will not make significant positive sexual changes  happen

They are so used to controlling rather then expecting good things to happen.

Their mind is trying to analyze something they have no idea how it works.

You keep your job and I keep mine and that makes 2 happy people.

In essence for a body to rejuvenate it is always a bit of a miracle.

If you choose natural therapies like mine, they you need to let go to make it happen and stay positive.  If you cannot then you are in your own way hon. You might as well take the blue pill for the rest of you life. You don't want that.

Fortunately, the minority of men self-sabotage since the desire for change is more important then trying to be above it all.


When a male is feeling really good 

There is nothing like good lovemaking. 

However when one person is not feeling great then the other partner can compensate.

The special overal and sexual energy of the male will transfer over to the partner and can enhance the sexual feeling of their intimate moments.

The higher energy will turn her on at a different intensities and making love will be more loving, emotional, deeper and exciting.

We are presuming you both are sensitive to each other's needs.


That is also one reason to get a rejuvenating boost to your life with men's natural therapies.  You cannot imagine what a wake up call it offers within this therapeutic grade process.