Flow of blood and chi

You can improve health with better flow of blood and chi even though the doctors rarely talk about it.  The blood has healing nourrishing qualities. Without blood and chi, forget about it, there is no life.



Use the right brain for a change.

How can you analyze the body's natural healing process? Or how can you analyze the miracle of healing many diseases with prayer and natural medicine? 

Please forget the 1 +1 =2 for now. Allow yourself to heal yourself?


The men's health program is usually 8 weeks long- are you ready to change your life?

If you have average health with minor complaints, you can rejuvenate your sexual & prostate health in 8 weeks or less. It depends on your health &  mental openess. 

We can discuss the details of your objectives and decide what is important to do however the sexual glands are still important to be rejuvenated in this process thus the prostate health , since all work together holistically.


We are quietly changing lives:

Effective time tested treatments to recover your health are available today, of which your doctor may not know yet.

I do not have the 1000s of hours to meet them and discuss! And they are unfortunately  trained not to cure but to maintain/ control disease. In addition if they refer they will refer to western based professionals such as nurses because it is safe tribe to work with. They often are amazed when the body heals and will not be opened to allowing the body to heal naturally, so the norm is to control but not to cure.


The intimate nature of men's health therapies

Due to the nature of this sensitive work to support men's health, I cannot accept all requests; this is therapeutic and holistic work only.

2 individuals (me and you) being opened, respectful, collaborative and committed. A positive change in your self-healing journey is about sharing, being grateful and also being coachable.

It is not about "how to" but about letting God in without you trying to run the show. It is an experience going inward and the redeeming power of allowing time to shift. Do not worry it will occur within a reasonable time frame.

For the men who want super clarification, I suggest you relax and let yourself go a bit because you cannot really turn this self-healing process into a linear explanation.