Do you want to improve

your prostate health naturally & urinate normally?


Do you want to sleep at night?

Do you want to not rush to washroom?

Do you want to reduce your frequency of urination?

Do you want to feel and stay young?

Many men in their fifties + often think they need to live with their prostate symptoms. You also may not  be aware that professional self-care is available, effective and is enduring.

You can alter the outcome of this detoriorating men's health whether with Enlarged prostate or prostatitis  because we can treat it naturally & professionally. Prevent further damage & potential cancer with only a few weeks of treatments!  Why not?




EXTERNALLY THE PROSTATE GLAND CAN BE TAMED.THIS IS NOT EROTIC and DOES NOT NEED TO BE EROTIC TO WORK. There is so much bullshit from the erotic and entertainment industry that has turned prostate into a mere entertainment tool!

If you want quick results, You WILL AMAZED at how effective it is. Our successes are built with  11 years of dealing with men's health issues which includes sexual and prostate health.  

Bill said" I use to urinate 3  times a week at night and after a few sessions with Joanna, I don't need to go at night almost never. I am so happy  that i feel even younger and less fatigued."

"I cannot believe the positive impact on my health, sexual health, testes and prostate with an external prostate massage verus the internal one had. There is no comparison.  I am a very healthy 75 year old now! "  William

"After a few sessions my night urination when from 3 to 1 and as we proceeded, i went once or none at all most of the time" Franki

We empower you to heal your own bodies and you get real results that last .  This means that the bladder symptoms  (are significantly reduced) associated with prostate health including:

  • day or night urinary frequency problems
  • urgency or urination
  • urinary volume change
  • urinary retention and dribble.

You may wish to know which urinary and glandular symptoms affect you.

These imbalances will weaken physical health by also shortening recovery time lost due to lack of sleep.


The sexual health 8 week program includes sexual and prostate health but if have only prostate health issues then the therapy is only 4 weeks usually.

Unfortunately not all men are symptomatic,

thus we recommend that you ask your doctor for at least an annual finger test to ensure that your prostate is healthy. Plse ask your doctor clearly if your prostate is enlarged. One particular client's doctor did not check his client's prostate but then it was too late... and he had reached a very high 50 psa level, which made him inoperable in western medicine.

Even though you do not have the symptoms, please go for a check up.

Many web sites are focused on educating the scientif side of the problem.

However I am focused on results that last. If you want results we can help you. In general most men after treatments improve more then 75%.

Many clients are satisfied customers.  This is what is possible, as revealed in following testimonials.

The way you get results is based on an experential process, which means you heal as you do it and it is  incremental. By improving the flow of chi and circulation we can help your body to heal with the proper rebalancing and special oils. We help you reach a deeper level of healing holistically providing also a durable  & economical solution affecting your future without the pills and depressed feelings associated with enlarged prostate.