Get out of the mind into the body

with Reflexology!

A blissful and affordable holistic therapy, stimulating remotely every detail of your body in 1 hour. And all this healing power is represented in your feet!  Your body's blueprint is in the feet and available to tone, rebalance and to "diagnose you."

The first time I received reflexology, I fell asleep and woke up screaming since I had no idea where i was and the reflexologist had a very weird hat and many cotton balls. I knew then, that it was for me! 

I learned this modality was relaxation tool but it is the most grounding healing tool. Sometimes I use wooden and semi-precious tools to deepen the feeling. If you have problems it will show up during the massage as discomfort or pain.  This is very helpful to know what is happening in your body and to treat it successfully.

The body never lies!


In the video, whe explains that she had such pain in her feet and legs that she was not able to walk for years and work for years! After a few months, she walks and works and she can have the energy to handle all the other things needing attention.


Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy

helping modern people to

correct  and prevent medical conditions, stress or pain related problems. 

This alternative approach to healthcare significantly uses the foot due the large amount of nerve endings and reflex points. It has a distinct mind body effect providing a profound grounding effect counteracting the mentally vigorous (social) activity.

The experience

of feet being massaged is probably one of the most pleasurable, revitalizing and peaceful while giving your mind a break. How it works is like magic because you feel good but you do not know why and how it all happened, but it shows up at some point through better sleep, digestion, energy or disposition etc. Dissolve your heaviness or fatigue while bringing a fresh new surge of energy.



It has been recorded to be used by many royal ancestors, thousands of years ago as was our beautiful Cleopatra who whose feet were massaged while at parties. The practice of Reflexology has existed for many centuries dating back to the early Egyptian culture of 2300 BC. Reflexology was researched and developed as a science from the early 1930’s.

This 2 thousand years old very powerful sub-speciality of the Chinese pressure point therapy will provide a sustainable solution leveraging the natural innate healing points of your body & mind via the reflex points corresponding to the organs, gland and systems on your feet.



Mr X was constipated for years and after a few treatments he said " where does that come from?"  Mrs Y “ I started working

Mrs X was often resting on couch due to tired &  hot feet. "After only a few months of reflexology, I got off my couch and started working part time it was tremendously beneficial to my health and to reclaim my life and feel my independance in an abusive relationship" Sheila


"After a long and very competitive career in financial industry, I ended up a couch patato in a very quick time span..and my chiro recommended reflexology which i did. And to my great surprise I got off the couch patato and started back to work as i used to!" Sergio


Who can benefit?

If you (any age) seek to enhance your well being whether general or specific (physical or emotional) or prevention, reduce mental overload, burn out and depression.

Many have not had success with medical treatments and seek a deeper sustainable effect.

Many conditions are alleviated in the same way as acupressure includes:


Head ache

Disturbance of vision and hearing

Stiff neck

Kidney disorders (stones +)





High or low blood pressure

Urinary infection

Frozen shoulder

Disorders of the blood vessels of the legs

Stomach ulcers

Chronic sinusitis

Sore throat (recurrent)

Chronic running nose

Rehabilitation after brain damage

Sleep problems

Fertility problems



Rheumatic pain

Rheumatoid arthritis