I have a heart for the oppressed and tormented.


Over 11 years ago, my first client for men's health was traumatized by a sexually intrusive act at a young age.  He was raped and his body did not forget.

He was numbed, from his hips dow to lower torso for decades.  But he was not truly making the connection nor was he telling me easily his hurtful past. He accepted to receive my MENS HEALTH TREATMENTS and we were happy that we went ahead.  After several massage treatment, he felt the blood move back into the mid torso....and He was freed from this numbness and pain and renewed him physically and emotionally.  He even talked and behaved in an empowered way.  " I feel like a man again!"



Although there is much stigma on the schizo and doctors say there is no cure for schizo..i have found that God is a master healer in mental illness....Recently treated a 22 year old male Labelled schizophrenic  (for life), who was paralyzed for 3  years. He had so much pain that he was holding his head. He experienced No more tor ment after several treatments;He is emotionally stable and can move on with his life. The last time I heard from him, he decided to move back to Syria to live with the bi polar dad whom he initially had trouble forgiving. Suprising.

We prayed and helped with his delivrance.  He thought he was stuck as schizo and  for life taking pills but now he is helping his bipolar father!


I am trained in delivrance and intuition but the Holy Spirit which indwells in me guides me.

The most gratifying for me is to see people light up after being stopped from living fully.   When being oppressed, depressed repressed and stopped, from going to the light is evident.


If you are coachable and are willful in wanting a change, I can help you

For this type of work, 4 sessions may be needed. of 1.5 hour.  We will walk you through.