"I felt that things were getting worse not just sexually but overall not feeling good in my govt job.  Too much negativity was getting to me.  After several weeks of the rejuvenation program, i was feeling more alive and positive and become more aware of what works and doesn't work for me.  Strangely during the sessions, many external things shifted.  People at work appreciated me more and enjoyed my presence.  I am going on more dates and even enjoy their company.  Also looking forward doing more activities and won't even prograstinate as I used to. Even sexually i am very different all day long...and feeling way more alive..this is changing every week and getting more positive events and people. I no longer urinate at night, 3-4 times a week but once in a while i urinate once a week at night.  This was  a  great help to  get back my sleep. I even have the energy to deal with life better." Frank

 " I don't usually have massage but being a midlife professional coach, I was seeking for the bodily experience, a reboot, that would free me more and possibly in my coaching and speaker role..I observed that not only does it shift me physically and mentally but it is affects my career since i am grounded, connected and whole and more personable on stage. I need to also tell you that my whole body felt ripples that i never got with RMT or other treatments.  It is amazing how the body gives you proof that its working." Kevin H.

You can peruse other REVIEWS at google maps:

"After the rejuvenation program, i was much more alive and even enjoyed my cooking with my family. No longer stuck on fighting with my mother and  Suprisingly, am more planning my life and getting more organized, clear and whole in general. I just amazed what several massage sessions can do my mind, body and spirit! Esro

"I did not know that my stress caused me have breathing problems with I spoke.  I notice that now i even speak better and know how to better take care of myself since Massage has brought me into that release and replenishment that i never got from rmt massage."

 Hugues said: "When you experience it totally, at a physical & spiritual level, you will be amazed at how great it feels and life feels good too."

"After 3 months of regular massage, I am a new man. I can say this because after working 80 hours a week for 2 years I was wearing and tearing.  My demeanor changed; I am more sociable; I am bright looking and younger; I can handle more weights at the gym; my knees are less brittle; my ulcer is less painful; I sleep deeper; my urinary frequency dropped at least 30%; my sexual desires improved alot; i am more hopeful;my awareness of greater and can better cope with stress.  Mr G.

 "After our treatment, my stuttering stopped and was able to speak more fluently.  There was alot of pain in my jaws that go release and felt so peaceful and grateful." Mr. C

"I never had a massage in my life and had no idea what to expect. But since i had such a terrible pain near my neck, I decided to try it.  She explained to me the symptoms related to that pain point and it cooincided with all my issues around the head area.  But the most magical thing happened, the pain literally left my body and left me feeling refreshed and hopeful to use my body to heal my body! Mr. J

Massage on-site

"I type alot, my hands tire and are showing signs of arthritis. My neck shoulder area is very tense and bothersome. But with this massage, I experienced relief that lasted weeks and my headaches are reduced significantly. The other clients using Joanna's services are very satisfied."

Wendy, Administrator at Global Primo Network

"After the Lomi Lomi Massage,

I felt like all my problems left from my shoulders". Doug 

" I had this strange pain in my right calf for 3 weeks. It was also difficult to sleep at night. Had no idea what was the cause of this. After the treatment I was able to walk and be comfortable. What a relief to have been sleepless for 3 weeks and in pain! Bernardo

"After several reflexology sessions, I was able to sleep at night.  First, I was not able to sleep all week, then i was no able to sleep 5 days and as we went I was able to sleep every day! Gertrude

"I thought that i had to live with these neck pains, i was not able to work on my computer or see tv comfortably and tried physiotherapy, chiropractor and one massage in asia, but now I know better. If you get the right treatments your neck pains will go away! After 1 month I felt dramatic changes in my neck! Alek

"I work at the hospital and was embarassed to go around limping...I had back pains forever and was amazed to know that the back pains did not come back for about 2 months." Gerald


Testimonials also include Men's Health Programs. The names are changed to protect privacy.


" I had a very stiff shoulder below the scapula and wanted to know if there was a way to feel better since I play rugby.  This strange thing happened after the massage on one side, I no longer felt my gluts and there was no more pain!"

" I mistreated my body with very physical jobs when I was young and today I feel that I am paying for it although i am still only 32.  I had an accident that cause me to have pain daily 24 hours whether sitting, standing or doing nothing..and during the massage and after I felt no more pain near my scapula where I usually feel pain 24-7.  Looking forward to more." Peter

"I believed nothing since in my world the only thing that i knew was deep muscle work massage, and after 3 days after with Joanna's treatments, I was sleeping better at night and urinate much less at night, it is amazing what this gentle treatment can do! I do not think that we should judge ahead like I did ! Terry

"I had back and knee problems for years since i stand 8 hours at work..and was worried about it..and am so happy since i got the back treatment that is one week now, i have no more back pain..looking forward to takin care of my knees now." Silvio


"I was diagnosed with prostatitis and was very concerned since my doctor said it was chronic and my prostate had a soft texture when touched with finger. I did not want to wait for the next year and next evaluation so I needed to be pro active even though according to the doctor, there was no real I researched alternative methods to prostate health recovery and found Joanna...and although I do not know how well I did yet( since I am not expert) according to others progress, after 3 sessions I was doing good compared to the excruciating pains I had before, I am looking forward to more healing of my body. Terrence

"I am very happy to do volunteer work but my body seems to need therapeutic massage so I was searching for something that felt right and healing since my body always has different pains moving in my body.  I was so impressed that the body showed signs of collaboration from the onset for example triggering rivers of energies physically and also had no more sinus problems when i got up from massage table." Frederic

"I had testicular pain, pain in my testes for 40 years and now we found the right techniques to help the pain go away. It is down to 20-30 at times but at least i am comfortable and can carry on with my daily tasks!" Maurice


"I have heart condition and am taking RX, but I believe that believe that my sexuality is important even after 50. I am so amazed to experience signs of life even after my 1st session and have found that the body is so relaxed that it is almost unbelievable! Also cannot wait to save over 2000.00 of Cialis." Howard

"I had treatments every month since i am from out of town and now can say that my results are stable as far as sexually go,  even though i am diabetic.  I never wanted to treat the diabetes because frankly did not believe that diabetes was curable since my doctors told me so..but am thrilled that lately i am also seeking seing stable change in sugar levels and i have gone down from 7.9 to 7.4 without making any changes in my lifestyle.  So natural treatments do have deep impact we just need to try. Pills are just there to control symptoms. Than from USA

I had urinary problems at night and had trouble to sleep because i woke up almost every night, but my doctor said everything is ok..luckily Joanna told me to take care of it because today I am normal urination at night and feel younger because of it." Jim

"I had great difficulty getting my sleep since I had to go urinate frequently at night and being only 49, I was worried. So i noticed that every week there was a betterment, it may not always be a straight line upwards but after a month I have progressed in a stable manner even though it is not a perfect meteoric rise, I sleep most of the time." B.E

"I had fibromyalgia for almost 4 years  following a traumatic experience with a no stop life go go go..and with treatments i noticed that my pain  reduced by 10-20% every session. Also my sciatica has improved at least is a wonderful journey and look forward to more progress. I have more energy and am able to cope with agents of distress more adequately now." Viva

"I am female who has been trying to conceive for years and have found great relief and help with this treatment, with life tips, foods too, and my body feels the difference and the progress more then any other treatment.  There is more depth to this process.  One day it will all happen." Keko

" I am Brad and had a very bad car accident which broke many parts of me including an  arm and spleen...and was going to acupuncturist....but felt i needed something that works i tried acu pressure and acu touch and found that certain changes manifested wonderfully...i felt like one peice and whole again...and the head seems better too and am not am happy to be alive and looking forward to trying sexual enhancing program too." Brad

PHP    "I was worried to go to the doctor because that is just the way I am about doctors. However I am glad i tried alternative treatments!  My symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) consisted of waking me up in the very early morning hours to urinate, and frequent urination during the day at work. nd tTo make matters worse, i also was dribbling in my pants as soon as I had zipped up.  I resorted to stuffing paper towels down the front of my pants during the day to absorb this dribbling.  It was becoming a very tiring and inconvenient way to live, so I asked Joanna what could be done.  Her program of herbs, massage and lifestyle changes gradually reduced and then eliminated all of those symptoms and now I get a full night's sleep and have no dribbling of urine.   The treatment worked very well for me and I am glad that  i did not give up since we get so impatient in this society". Mr. Carter

PHP   "I was a cynic, retired from audit accounting and frankly with what happened to me all my life, I did not expect muchof an easy solution.  But i was more than amazed from a few prostate- urinary problems and sleep difficulties all went away. It is a small investment when you do not need ongoing drugs or maintenance!" Russel

"I am a black belt/ It professional and had an injury after a personal training at gym, and took months to recover from impaired movement of lower limbs and left leg numbness. I have tried physiotherapy, and acupunturist for months but i  had more progress with joanna acupressure and trigger point therapy..i am starting to feel my legs again and she has helped me in my choice of nutrition and supplements for my rigorous training." Haron

SEP   "I was not having normal functions sexually, and without too much thinking , things came back naturally. Joanna was very compassionate and thought me alot." Larry

It has not been easy on my, and i have spent 3000.00 since my accident with personal training session.  After a particular training session, i started having back problems...and then a never ending whole series of muscle and movement problems- i cannot get into certain positions like yoga or sitting in a particular legs are like metal in some worried me and i have been to physiotherapist and acupuncturist with no real results..i found that after 2 hours with legs started having some old feelings in them and know that something is happening and a positive shift or sign of life. Looking forward to more change." Harold

SEP    "I had such a hard time since i was young, that i did not trust anyone not even Joanna, but after I noticed my body behaving like 10 years ago, i believed in this, this is what you call healing.  I am happy to allow my body to recover particularly after a cancer surgery which was left unattended/not prevented by my doctor for 6 years. I am looking forward to an kinder old age now." Mike

PHP   "I went to see Jovanna for prostatitis but i had a depression, well what happened to my great surprise is, my depression is gone. This works deeply." Phil

"I have spent year with chiros and acupuncturist and it went like this ..i felt better for 1 week only and I had so much pain during the with acupressure all that has changed. First of all, i have less pain and Joanna controls the pain to a tolerable degree. Secondly the changes in pain level stay and improve. I had alot of issues after the accident in the warehouse when a box fell on my nothing seemed to be working very well..and now i noticed that my back stays well longer and only had a few painful moments in 2 weeks whereby i used to have pain every other day and no more nausea, dizziness and asthma...also there are changes in my head pains too. At one point i was able to be on vacation without my pain control pills!

I am so much more aware of my body now, and also wish to cope with my heart problems and get rid of this low dosage cardio pill. Why should I take these chemicals for the rest of life? My mother is now taking 10 drugs a day and I fell for this since I got used to my mother popping pills. But no more pills is my goal! I will also start with the good heart program soon"3rd treatment- Jacquiline

"I had back, eye, shoulder pains and had to take pain control for my headaches.  Ater a few treatments already i felt shifts in my head pain and it  vanished and no pills were needed. And this acupressure treatments are so relaxing, the effects last for days! first treatment- Jacquiline


PHP    "After the first few prostate treatments, i only go to washroom 2-3 times rather than 3-4 times. I work in construction management and am very skeptical since i need something concrete to gauge..but this is concrete evidence..also after the treatment i already felt very different and knew that something beneficial was happening. After a few other sessions, it went to 0-1 time only." Denis


PHP   "I felt distinct changes in energy, was breathing better, my prostate area soreness was seemed like something was doing work in my prostate area for days after the treatment. I received prostate and head treatments for eyes, ears, nose and throat. Healing is a journey and i must say that i am learning how the body works and it seems that body speaks differently for every person! I have tried different modalities but acu pressure is so verifiable, you feel the changes right away in your body and the connecting points open up and your know physically. It is great to know that something clearly is happening. " Elie

PHP    "I had problems with my bladder for at least 10 years and experienced many benefits from body work with Joanna. I am 75 years old and have spent alot of money seeking what can restore my health..and have found changes with her treatments with my urination, it is now flowing without retention or stutter, my back is less sore and my sexuality seems to be springing back nicely. My urination at night is only once a night and sometimes 0 compared to 3-4 times a night before.  There has been alot of changes considering that i have been treated by chinese doctor and western doctors without so much tangible change...i was not expecting so much change ,,,but got much more! " Steve, lawyer

"All of a sudden I was taking 3 pills and I was always in good is not me to take these pillls and now after a few sessions, my diabetes if starting make real changes..i am down at least 30% in blood glucose levels. On my own it was hard to try to get them down." Mario

SEP    "I was seeking help since lately I was not able to satisfy my wife and I not even 30 so after reading jovanna's web site I had nothing to lose since viagra was causing me side effects for 3 days. It was simply amazing, my heart felt better, my panic attacks reduced and felt all this energy from my hear released and peace pervaded my whole bowel movement was the  best in my whole system took a boost and now have hope that my sexual health will follow my physical well being!" Farood 

PHP   "I have found that after a few treaments , i am sleeping better and down 50% of frequency. Her approach is very gentle and holistic which helps me feel comfortable. Now i feel secure that my prostate can heal become normal again." Frank


 SEP     Hi Joanna,
> Good to hear from you.  Family and I are doing well and I hope the same with
> you.
> As per my foot its about the same and thanks to you I am able to enjoy sex
> with my wife.  Our next trip to Toronto will be sometime in May and I will
> like to see you then for session.
> Thank you sending the email and please continue to keep in touch.

 T A
> Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 23:58:11 -0400

PHP   "I am a male in my 50's. I had not realized how much I was in denial, taking for granted that my body would just continue as is..but my prostate went, my diabetic became out of control, cumulating to greater stress..I started the process with prostate treatment. Now, I do not wake up any more in the night...when I used to wake up every 1.5- to 4 hours..I know that  the body will recover bit by bit..This means so much to me since I am a driver and was at risk of losing my job! Take care of your body the natural way. " Freddie

PHP    "I am a C A, was not very happy with western medicine and not happy with not being able to sleep at night because i was waking up 2-3 times...i had many changes happen not all at once but with time..first i have no more pain where my hernia is, and then i am down to 1-2 times a night and quite stable now with those numbers. Parrid

"My mother is 75 years old diabetic. Lately she had so much pain that we decided to try massage. I must say that things have progressed beautifully. She responds very well to the treatments now and she looks forward to them. She sleeps right after the treatments and her pain has reduced and at times her digestion is even better. But most of all, she seems less senile almost like getting into her body has rejuvenated her body and mind!" Jen


PHP   "I had some frequency of urination some nights due to prostate but it was the pain there that was not bearable..After a few sessions my pain was gone so I saw results which were still surprising to me. I was worried since my friend was detected with prostate cancer too late. I happy that I trusted, many doors opened up in that way after." Walter


PHP   "I am a 75 year old pharmacist and still working and was not happy with my prostate- since i was urinating over 15 times a day..and now it reduced to 50% in a few sessions. I am very happy with this since the last drug prescribed increased by breast size to C but did not do anything for my prostate and bladder." Johnny


SEP    "I had all of a sudden trouble with my sexual life and my wife was not happy. After several treatments, let's say that i used when i needed it and everything is good!" Manfred


"I accepted that with age I would have trouble going and after one treatment of reflexology, I had the easiest movement since a hurt a little but it was well worth it." Tony


SEP   "I am an engineer and I get stuck at wanting to know the technical aspects and not really talking about my body .  After my second session, I felt a breakthrough at a deep restorative level and I cannot even explain it. However even my sexual energy is starting to spring back and I am forever grateful for this revival. I took the 3 sessions of the sexual enhancement program."  Philip


"I had different ailments that bothered me since over 10 years ago when I had candida..and since then all kind of problems happened which I could not explain including these muscles aches.  At my first session there were distinct improvements. As soon as took the cab home I knew that there were changes...almost no more nausea and my stomach felt centered. Many more things evolved since then since I go 2 times a week for massage. I love acupressure, it relaxes me tremendously." Xaviera


PHP    "I had prostate cancer which not detected from my doctor of years until it was too late and was not able to operate.  Many complications happened with radiation.  I developed lymphodema and was very happy that most of the retention was gone after the 3rd session and also my symptoms with frequency of uination improved by 10%...during the treatment I felt my body changing and the energy moving in areas of my body. That was my proof that life was flowing. I am not changing all my food habits to try and heal the prostate cancer. " Dom


"I did not think that it was possible to walk normally again with my hurting achiles heel..but I tried a treatment of acu touch for achiles heel...I think it that it was hurted most when I stood for long hours working on film production..but now after 10 days I still have no pain." Bruce


"I'm feeling perfectly, like a brand new woman.  No pain in my knee nor soreness.  It  doesn't get locked much either.  So your treatment did help me for sure and I believe that.   My dance teacher moved to USA so I'm looking for a new teacher close by so I  can start my dancing again.  I do go to the gym at least 3/4 times a week so that also helps me to stay active.  I walk a lot as well.  I wish you live closer to my work area so I could go once a week to get my  treatment or massage. Thanks again.  Take care.
Sikha Ghosh from Bell Canada


"I was diagnosed with Graves disease, an incurable condition, by western society. And happy to say that I used 3 practitioners including Joanna's acupressure and acu-touch therapy. There was pain at times but it was just better everytime I went for a session...was very impressed with her knowledge of my endocrine and immune system. She went to the causes of Graves disease while my endocrinologist did not,she wanted to do surgery of my thyroid." Victoria


PSOS   "I was always stressed as a truck driver and experienced frequent urination at night and found the enlarged prostate treatments perfect for healing me completely. I experienced my prostate was very "peaceful during my last treatment and noticed no more symptoms by the 2nd session! Now I want to take care of preventing all other issues." Siebel


PSOS   " I did not expect much when I started, but now after 2 treatments, I have no more problem with my bladder is normal." Fred


PSOS   "I had prostate symptoms since 9 years now and was followed by urologist..after a couple of sessions I already had better undisturbed sleep. Now I feel more optimistic for my future" Derek


" I have hope that I can accomplish my dreams since my body does not ache and pain..after my accident. I twisted my hip and hit my head, I was never the same again. I feel much healthier and don't feel those nervous sensations in my body." Jacques

"My name is Mohammed, and i had prostate/bladder problems for over 20 years and after a few months am totally normal even when drink lots of waters. It was a gradual change, and the improvements started in the evening and then trickled in the day time. I am very happy to be able to work as a security guard without rushing to the washroom, and now can hold very well..from 10 times a day it went down to 6 times of urination and less. Also my wife has complimented me on my enhanced manliness!  

" I had 2 very bad knees. The doctor patted my shoulder and said you are getting older and have arthritis. At 60 years old I felt doomed for a life without my traditional Indian Dancing..and was not looking forward to I can walk normally and have no aches and cracking after 3 treatments. Life is good when you are healthy and mobile. Believe, it may hurt a little but well worth it. I will send you my dance pics." Sihk


"My strenuous tennis caused my body to stiffen and hurt, Joanna was able to find the right muscle to work for me...and all my body get a tremendous restorative tune up." Rod, executive

 I already feel different with less pain on my neck after only 1 treatment. And I totally enjoyed the massage with Joanna. I had whiplash pains from age 5 to age 9. After 2 sessions, I felt no more pains for weeks and still none today." Avi G. age 9

I feel so much better and empowered after 3 sessions of prostate treatment. I have reduced my frequency of urination by 70% and no longer have to rush to wash room during the middle of the night at east 4 times. I am so happy that I can prevent further issues too. David


"My sciatica was causing me pain and stress, and like Joanna said, after 2-3 sessions it would go away. I was not aware that massage can relieve pain so effectively. No surgery, no needles and no drugs. I am so much in shape now that I have energy to go to gym too!" danny


"I had Lomi Lomi for 10 years, however this LOMI LOMI is very special." Lorne


"I cannot explain how a real massage make me feel, I never felt my body so freed up from going to the parlours. And my shoulders are feeling loose and free. This Lomi Lomi feels great right from the first session. Dave


"This is so centering, grounding and healthy." Lomi Lomi ,Frank

" I went to see Joanna because I had back and neck problems and they are gone after 3 sessions." Mr. Woo

"After one session, my back problem was gone and did not return." Paul


"I had terrible abdominal pains that pulled on my back. I was afraid that I would injure myself during the filming with my heavy camera. After one session I was significantly loosened up. THe body and psychosynthesis helped in wondrous ways." Russel, documentary film maker


"This is incredible, my shoulders and back are completed decompressed and I feel lighter.I have been looking for a long time." Lomi Lomi. Peter


"This is a very slow Thai Chi type of Lomi Lomi which gives you a greater depth or relaxation and restorative energy. I just want to sleep." Lomi Lomi. Frank


"After one treatment my back pains feel like almost all gone and my headaches are greatly reduced. It is great to get such verifiable results!" Vensha


"Joanna was able to make me feel safe and free enough to release all kinds of tensions and old emotions in ways I'd never thought possible with massage. I think she is one of the rare souls that truely has the right to call herself a Healer. I thought that I did not like pain during massage because the ones that don't hurt usually don't produce any lasting results. But Joanna continually encouraged me to communicate and brought me just before the point of sharp pain so that my body had permission to release without the instinct to resist. Incredible!" Tanya P. Actor, Editor and Hypnotherapist in Toronto


"I alwaysreceived rmt massage weekly. However I find Joanna's massage better then regular massage." Mike Wo, accountant


"I had tried massage at chiropractor office and osteopath since my body was so stiff in my gluts, groin and abs. My hip was hurting. Joanna was able to help release the hip tension by opening other muscles in my trunk area very successfully. It seems like this is better than osteopath techniques. It was sorelaxing like never experienced before, for a change." Mike, Logistic


"In 1989, I was attacked by a gang and had lost consciousness. When I woke up my hip was hurting and it continued hurting day and night. I had no diagnostics declared and the physiotherapist was at a loss. Finally I tried something new and after one treatment my hip was released from the agonizing feeling. I kept saying, you just don't know what this feels like with a smile when I started walking and my hip was feeling free, and pain-free. I feel like a new man with a new body and can walk!" Amira, CIBC international


"Since I was 20 years old,I remember ed I suffered from restless leg, and many sleepless nights since I am 45 years old now. I was being prescribed parkinsons' drugs. After one treatment I felt enormous heat in my mid section, went home and actually slept and continued sleeping normally all week, I reduce my drugs to over 50% since I don't need them. I am happy that I trusted my instincts to try massage even though I have tried many massages in the past in vain. Thank you for my rest first of all and the peace in my life". Andy



"4.5 years afterthe accident, I finally canfeel my back, it has been numb all that time. Massage has helped me increase circulation and now Ifeel like I canstart my life over again. I like the warm feeling on my back now. Also I was not able to touch my arm before the massage sessions, and nowit is much less delicate to touch! I can move around more easily." Shakti

"I am a welder and my body takes a beating.My back ache, dissolved at my first session!" Barry, welder

"I am a musician, bartender andam quiteopened in my thinking. This massage relaxed and restored me so much that I did not feel any pull from my shoulder like I usually do. I never floated this way before". Alan

"I am a world traveller and have tried hundreds of massage. I find that Joanna has the touch and healing touch. There is a definite difference in results. Steve from NY, IT vendor

"I had a big accident and am lucky to be alive today. I felt such a surge of energy after the pain from my deltoids were massaged and loosened up. I know it was working right away. My hip is hurting me alot , J was able to find the pain that related to that. The body is amazingly truthful. It tells you when it works" Ivanna, medical translater

"I am amazed that I can now move my hip without pain. I was having trouble sitting in my yoga position for meditation. The work works deeply". John, City planner

"My work is very detailed and requires my upper torso. My neck was not able to turn left without causing pain. I had a couple of accidents causing whiplash. After one treatment, I was able to turn my neck and now can also park my car and turn back! Don Smith, Metal screen printer

"I don't have much experience with therapeutic massage, or massage per se. I travelled quite a bit to see her but it was well worth it. I had several accidents causing whiplash and my neck was not able to move easily on one side. On my first visit I was able to move my neck on both sides. And I felt so much at peace." Danny, electronics

"My whiplash was caused by an accident 1 year ago. I went to Joanna for primarily my neck pain, which caused lack of mobility when I turned my head. On the first visit, was able to turn my neck, and looking forward to all the benefits of a relaxed neck and body!" Dan, Screen printer for electronics

" I do alot of biking and felt great tension in lower torso. The energy moved in the area which needed the most relief. I felt less tension and pull in the area probably caused by biking. I am looking forward to feeling my body freed up more." Jay, representative

"I was in a crisis when I called Joanna due to my TMJ pains. My head pains reduced from 7 t0 4 in one treatment and I have learned how relaxation is important tomy lifestyle." Terry, Music Conductor.

"I saw Joanna for tmj and back since my tender age : I grew too tall too fast during my teens. There has been great back relief since my one visit for back. Actually felt the tension relief right after the session." Frank, Owner of company

" I had a very deep and heated pain in my hip area, and I felt very great relief from the first session. I am a sound engineer and need to move heavy objects. I need my body but my muscles are being abused, Joanna knows how to micro stretch where needed. Also my sinuses were draining well." Marianna, Sound engineer.

I felt such a good post massage sensation that my body was freed up especially the pain in pelvic and hips area. My head which has alot pain on top was suddenly feeling less stuck." Jason, Urban planner

"I felt numbness in my shoulder and great discomfort knowing that I was not able to move with great ease probably due to muscle tensions and other. After 3 days I noticed that the numbness was gone" Jeremiah, Engineer

"I have been seeking TMJ treatments for a long time, and I found Joanna to be apt on different levels of healing including the TMJ trigger points. I felt the pain subside during the massage. After my first vist my headaches alleviated 80%. After the 5th session, all my headaches are gone!" Daniel, Singer and Actor

"My sinusitis has greatly improved.My overall achiness is alleviatedmore with each session." Constance, Reiki practitioner

"I am a bus driver for American celebrities andsometimes I am under alot of stress due to weather conditions or time schedules. When I called JR, I had a radiating pain in my shoulder and armarea. After one session, my pains never came back." Ed Myers

"I own my own restaurant and was having problems with my arms among other things.After my first visit, I lost my urge to smoke 10 cigarettes a day. I only smoke 2 cigarettes, that is a huge difference since I was no able to stop this addiction for years. I was very impressed with the acu pressure that is so focused on relieving specific symptoms. I felt the chi move in a very powerful way. " Maria from Anti Pasti

"I work with computers alot and am a workoholic. I had pains in knees, back and sciatica.She focused on my sciatica and was relieved 50% after first my session. I am looking forward to other sessions when I will be back from UK for business here". Wali, 45, airlines professional

"I had an accident and wanted to try something new that worked deeply. I had a lot of pain on leg, hip, neck and back pain. After 2 treatments I was feeling better emotionally and physically. Now I can walk my dog and we are both happy." Monical 52 social worker

"I would take your massage anytime, and really enjoyed the abdominal massage and the stretches. It was still very challenging since I do alot of one-to-one physical core coaching. "Joel, Canadian, business and sustainable development working in Africa

"Just wanted to thank-you for your invigorating massage, you left me feeling energized and very relieved of my lower back pain I have been suffering with for years. This is amazing to havesuch good results from the very first treatment...I have not yet had that shocking pain running down the lower back into my legs since your therapy which you suggested was sciatica. I am still very much interested into bettering my health ,and would very much like you to further my health goals concerning arthritis now!" Brian, 33 years old

"I received many massages in the past, but I have never felt before such a deep level of peace during and after the massage as I did with you." F. Perry, 49 years old.

"I lead a very stressful life at work and have been seeking some way to relax mind and body. Frankly never felt such a restorative energy before with other massages, this took away all my physical and mental stress. Thank you! Alex, 45 years old.

"I had a very painful head condition which caused throbbing . I had pains in head, neck and face during my first massage too. The medical scans on my head found no answers or problems. After the first treatment with you my neck pain was almost gone and after the 2nd treatment my head pain was gone. I am so happy that I can now lead a normal life again and travel to see my boyfriend in Israel." Cynthia V. 29 years old

" I have been a hairdresser for 45 years and started to have unbearable pains in upper torso including arms and neck. I appreciated the most her sincerity, knowledge and care which surpassed my arms and shoulders problems and into my heart condition and nutrition. After one month of treatment , I literally have very little pain. I recommend her for chronic pain relief ." Robbin Barker, Barker and Associates, 57 years old

"I carry alot of luggages when I travel around the world seeking the best in women's fashion. Thus I experience arm and shoulder pains that have worsened over my 10 year career. However when I went for treatment, it was primarily to alleviate my back pain after having fallen. The results were felt within the first week since I had no more pain in my back after my first session. I felt like all the painful points were given much care." David Asher, Senior Buyer at H. Renfrew, 40 years old

"I had problems moving my arm due to my physical work and found to my amazement that I was able to raise arm during my first visit with Joanna. Now we are moving to help relieve more tension out of my back." B. S, Department of National Defence

"I have found through my visits with you that your attention to my well-being is more encompassing than with my chiropractor. You seem to be dealing with my energy blocks from a holistic perspective. Furthermore, you apply more than one means of therapy to achieve not just relief but my well-being.
Also, I acknowledge you for putting all of yourself into what and how you treated me. More to the point, I was very surprised by how I felt yesterday by the time I got home because normally my back pains do not easily subside without a more time elapsing. As I was driving home I noticed some pain in the back of neck and attributed it to the pressure you applied. I was also aware as I was experiencing the pains that I was somewhat tense or stressed due to the grid lock I was sitting in and just resigned myself to sit calmly and ride it out without letting the situation get the better of me.

When I reached home and throughout the night and even today, I am not feeling any of the pains I had lately and for the many years. My shoulder although not perfect is not in any pain and I have no pain in my back at all. I am totally aware at this point that I feel completely different than when I visited you even though this is only my second visit. This is a big statement from someone living with pain killers for the last 5 years. I am looking forward to the day when I am not having any problems and can simply have a relaxing massage. " G. Faggiani, Entrepreneur

"It is a miracle. After one session, I can bend my back forward completely and touch my toes. After 2 sessions, I gained much more mobility and flexibility. After the 3rd session, I am completely reborn. Joanna takes her time to study your body and able to pinpoint the areas that she needs to work on you. Thank you Joanna!" Andrew Lau, Bell Enterprises

"Before the session, I had a terrible back pain and was also not able to raise my arms up. After one session and I have 80% of the problems resolved and can even turn my back to see where my car is parking, which is quite remarkable for me." Victor K. Building contractor working overseas

"This is incredible to be able to get a relaxing and therapeutic massage all in one. And my tension points were well taken care of." Matthew Fone, Producer of commercials on Coke Cola and J C Penny from London, UK

"This feels so amazing and freeing, I cannot find the words- my back hurted for months and now I don't feel it anymore". Ngozi Paul, Dancer, Actor and Producer of theatrical show , "Da Nik in my Hair"

"I feel so good, all my pains are gone; the effect lasts for weeks" Stephen , IT consultant

"I had neck and lower back pains because my car was too small for my height. The massage and exercises have tremendously improved my situation within 2-3 treatments. I am a believer of body work now". David W. Software Engineer

"I was at ease and felt very comfortable with her skills" Len, owner of real estate company

"I do alot of sitting at work, at the computer, and driving. When I went to see Joanna for a massage, I was stiff physically, and also tensed up emotionally. She had a gentle and friendly approach. She used a combination of soft and deeper touches, as well as a careful application of stretches that really helped me be put at ease both physically and emotionally. I would recommend her for her professional and friendly approach and her healing touch" John from Calgary - IT Business

"I had pains and tension in my head and neck for over a decade and after several months, I can say that I can tolerate it very well and feel much better. She was very kind to also give me home exercises which I initially did not want to do but benefitted me tremendously." Harold Mergles, retired lawyer for child protection

"After receiving the head massage, I had no more bladder seems unbelievable..but am very happy to carry on with my work without any more interruptions." Nathalie, beauty salon owner

"I had tension in my head and neck for over a decade, and after one session I feel much lighter and better. I wish I would have known earlier of such a massage focussed on the head a long time ago". Paul de Silva, TV and film producer

"I constantly use my head to write feature movies and often wake up in the middle of the night to write. After several treatments, I noticed the quality of my dreams improved and my head did not feel uptight but refreshed with new leash on life". Robert, feature movie writer

"After one massage I felt the tension leave completely on left neck leaving me with nothing to tense up again but to enjoy this lovely summer day. I do hatha yoga and was amazed on how much more we further our stretch to release tension." Sarah



I already feel different with less pain on my neck after only 1 treatment. And I totally enjoyed the massage with Joanna. I had whiplash pains from age 5 to age 9. After 2 sessions, I felt no more pains for weeks and still none today." Avi G. age 9

I feel so much better and empowered after 3 sessions of prostate treatment. I have reduced my frequency of urination by 70% and no longer have to rush to wash room during the middle of the night at east 4 times. I am so happy that I can prevent further issues too. David