Are you dealing  with dry and

 frizzy hair like most people?


We have quick acting solution to revitalize your hair. Moisturize with a tiny amount of natural hair balm.

with a 10 seconds make over





BOTANICAL ingredients



For all ages and genders

Face, hands, body and hair





2oz      $16.00 

Unique, natural, earth energized hand-made creams with a proprietary blend of essential oils called, Sun Forest.


  • Raw Shea Butter
  • Organic Coconut Oil 
  • Botanical Extract



  • hand made with organic and raw butters and oils 
  • subtle scents and very enticing
  • light and easy to spread
  • anti-oxidant thus anti-aging
  • uv protection SP6 factor
  • anti-bacterial
  • improves hair luster and hair quality (dandruff)
  • inborn vitamins and minerals
  • moisturizes (very dry) skin
  • easily absorbed
  • protected from the sunlight in a dark jar
  • sized for traveling

natural ingredients shifts- do not leave near heat nor in the sun



"My hair is now feeling healthy and moisturized but not oily. Simply incredible without any chemicals! Better then the detergent type of hair products which just dry up my hair" Fatima

"I use the subtle rose cream from my feet to my hair. It is the best cream I have experienced and can sink and stay in all day." Clifford"

"My 2 girls play soccer 2 times a week and use it for uv protection without all the chemicals and synthetics now."  "Also my daughter has no more excema."

"I am so happy that I found a sweet smelling cream (with no drugs) for my 2 year old!"

"My wife is enjoying during the summer and winter on her whole body to moisturize and has improved the health of her cracked nails."

"My wife loves my shiny and healthy-looking hair and thinks that it also improved my nails' health."


BRAND: The Cosmic

available at clinic by appointment

please call Joanna 416 654 4325



Never be depressed again!  The tree is cosmic.