After we meet for the first time and we get to know each other via the session, we can decide to work together. We can discuss the price at that point. Since truly no one can appreciate the value for years to come unless they have grasped a good understanding yet no need to be too detailed nor too general.


The investment

It is a very small price for long term benefits.  What is the worth to you to be healthy and feeling young? To sleep at night and not have all the discomforts and the worries? Or even the partner wonder over the situation.

Compared to other solutions, parlours and tantric are just expensive treats, herbs are only partially helping you and medical practices are not curative..None of these consummables will help you improve your sexuality for good unless it works deeply.


If you truly want long term results that affect your quality of life then you need to have the right flow of blood and chi in the right area.


You will also save money by avoiding all  the maintenance drugs (but we recommend monthly session).

We offer an affordable treatment plan causing permanent change that will happen within a reasonable period of about 4 -8 weeks depending on your age and goals. You pay for the 4 sessions higher and the last session is free.

The treatments are affordably priced for most middle class, and usually at about the same hourly rate of as a high end good massage.