Who are we?

A well trained Licensed Holitic Practitioner who knows

the body's self-healing process intimately and the medicinal & energetic techniques to further promote it.

I am  a gifted healer and started my passion for natural healing while working in the pharmaceutical industry in hospitals , a career that spanned for 5 years.  I knew there was a better way then to depend on pills.  How about you?   

This sexual body work has been a culmination of 11 years of body work with men who wanted to live fully in their body with a sharper mind.  Joanna Recine has built her own branded unique services to help men rejuvenate and change their lives.    

The men's health program

 For men, 45 -85 years old, who have experienced changes.  Whether physical and or mental/emotional causes and want strongly to live a more vibrant sexual life and are willing to allow the body quality time to restore. Physiology expands on the body's need to restore not only to expend energies and this is a strategic energy renewal to overhaul all parts of you.


We provide results with a weekly body-based therapy of 8 weeks or less. Younger men have shorter term program.


This incremental and very physical process
is like interest compounding account which builds you from one week to the other and to years.


Impacting every person differently in your body, mind, self-confidence, life & your relationships. These natural and effective therapies deepen your self-healing with of time-tested traditional and new energy massage modalities where we tap in  activating your body's own self-healing powers via the gateways and chi in the body.   This works because it is non-erotic and works at a deeper fundamental level in your health has lasting changes.


Please do not ask for anything but professional services.