Why does it works?


Experience a Transformative Massage to enhance your sexual functions via rejuvenation of your organs, glands and systems by activating gateways with direct touch on your skin of vital acu points in your body. This strenghtens and invigorates you deeply, your health and thus sexual health.

It has worked simply because it has been proven to work and the men say so. Hundreds of men, who trusted patiently and expected postively. It has shown results beyond our expectations, for 11 years.  It is so successful, that it will suprise you too by its gentleness and its postive impact ( without drugs). It is based not on concepts or scientific/intellectual  jargon but on getting your body to work better in the flow...


Men are enlived in all part of their life including their unit.

this "Results-oriented & experential" process is:

  • natural
  • non-intrusive
  • non-erotic
  • non-sexual
  • body heals from the inside out
  • combination of massage, lifestyle & body awareness exercises
  • promotes body mind connection and self-healing
  • very effective enhancer of the flow of chi  & blood
  • sexually restorative 
  • changes thinking and habits with persistence


Many men even with so many different issues have come with the desire to change, and have been satisfied. Usually  before 4 weeks men experience palpable change!